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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 17

Talbert looks beyond surface

I have served two terms on the Rogue Community College board with Kevin Talbert and can honestly say that his service as a county commissioner will be a gift to the voters of Jackson County.

More than one name on the November ballot wouldn't know an unintended consequence if it bit them on the leg. Not Kevin. He looks beyond the surface of an issue to find the impacts that others miss. He will hear all points of view, then he takes action. He does not exist in an "ivory tower," but will serve at the intersection of reason and responsibility.

This is not an endorsement by the RCC board or by the college. It is the voice of one voter and a colleague on the board who has witnessed his good work first-hand.

Tim Johnson, Medford

Opinion ignored the research

In writing about wildfires in Southern Oregon, Jeremy Wuerfel seems briefly to acknowledge global warming but then resorts to bashing environmentalists. In his drive to blame tree huggers, Mr. Wuerfel totally ignores the research on what promotes wildfires and how the climate trends in the region are promoting them.

Forestry research reveals that bad forest fire years occur when early snowmelt and annual average temperatures are just 1 degree Fahrenheit above normal wildfire years. It is easy to blame environmentalists for wildfires and ignore actual data showing that as regional temperatures have climbed nearly 2 degrees in the last century snowmelt is arriving earlier.

Additionally, a review of the soil moisture trend reveals this is dropping and will continue such a trajectory. A result of the combination of regional global warming consequences is that fire season has expanded some 2½ months since 1970.

Furthermore, Mr. Wuerfel should review the impact that projected climate trends will have on the commercial tree species in the region. He will find our most important species severely compromised through the century.

Mr. Wuerfel would serve the region better by acknowledging the real cause of the fires instead of denigrating fantasy culprits.

Elizabeth Hallett, Ashland

Use Alba Park instead

I believe that we can solve the problem with the lunches being handed out to the homeless at the Railroad Park. How about we have the homeless pick up their free lunches at Alba Park? It seems like a perfect place as they would have access to the new Health and Human Services building, as well as many other city, county and state offices that are available for helping the down and out.

Sean Jepsen, Central Point

Bus service valuable

Our community needs a good public transportation system. Rogue Valley Transportation District provides an exceptional system, but it needs a small amount of help from the voters in the district.

The average homeowner in the district will pay less than $2 a month, which equates to less than one-third of a tank of gas a year to ensure this vital service to the public continues.

Without the passage of this levy, Saturday and evening service will end and other cutbacks in service will be necessary. This will have a disastrous impact on people needing to get to work, seniors getting their daily transportation needs met, students getting to school and much, much more.

Please vote yes on Ballot Measure 15-128.

Connie Skillman, Ashland

Dyer has the background

Rick Dyer is running for Jackson County commissioner, and if you don’t know him, you should. He’s lived in the Rogue Valley for over 40 years, graduated from college here, worked here his whole career and is raising his family here. He will make a great county commissioner, because he has:

  • a degree in accounting and business administration from SOU
  • been a general manager for large auto dealerships here in the Rogue Valley;
  • owned his own energy/construction business;
  • a law degree he earned while running his business and raising a family;
  • been very active in his son's education and youth sports;
  • served on the RVTD Board for the past five years;

 Rick values and will work to preserve Jackson County’s good financial position. Just check out his website at www.electrickdyer.com. Please join me in voting for Rick Dyer.

Brian Dickens, White City

Lights are too bright

Just a few words about the effects of “high intensity directional lights” that are so prevalent now in residential neighborhoods. Please consider how it is for your neighbors to have them shining into their houses, yards and decks.

Even after having spoken to our neighbors who are doing it, they continue to invade our privacy and the other neighbors in the vicinity. So whenever you are considering buying a home, check it out in the evening before you do. It will be easy to see. In our area the people doing it are the only ones in the neighborhood with these high intensity directional lights.

Adults can be bullies, too.

J.A. Sanderson, Medford

Medford's architectural fate

Rusty bridges that ooze rust beneath their supports (Barnett bridge), that was a $2 million project?

The ugly, newly built Human Services building that resembles a prison cell or major storage facility. In addition, the new police station will also have this look, how nice.

Yes, that's what we all want to see in our surrounding area on a daily basis, more depressing, dull, uncreative flat-roofed buildings, as well as more electronic message boards. How many people decide on the final architectural fate of Medford and its surrounding cities? It's really getting depressing what's being done.

L. Borum, Central Point

Dyer brings business sense

Just looking around at neighboring counties, those of us in Jackson County are reminded of what can happen, financially, if our leaders aren’t careful. Our past county commissioners have done a good job protecting our financial future.

Rick Dyer (running for Jackson County commissioner, Position 1) will continue that excellent financial stewardship. He has a degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting and also holds a law degree. He’s been responsible for large budgets for big Rogue Valley automobile dealerships. Most recently, he’s run his own energy/construction business, and knows the importance of sticking to a budget. He knows how hard the citizens of Jackson County work to pay their taxes and will be mindful of that when making tough budgetary decisions.

If you want Jackson County to continue to enjoy a healthy budget, join me in voting for Rick Dyer for county commissioner on Nov. 4.

Ron Galbreath, Medford

GMO risks unknown

One of the measures on this November’s ballot concerns the labeling of food that contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Earlier this year, we wisely voted to make Jackson County an island of GMO-free sanity. That’s great for the crops we produce, but over 70 percent of the foods in our supermarkets contain GMOs.

Industry proponents foster the misconception that splicing DNA from totally unrelated species is no different than selective breeding, practiced for thousands of years. There is no similarity, and GMOs haven’t been around long enough to learn all the risks they pose to health and the environment. The same chemical companies that brought us napalm and Agent Orange are effectively experimenting on us. If people want to be their guinea pigs that’s fine, but they have no right to impose it on those of us who have better sense. Vote yes on Measure 92.

Michael Steely, Medford

Still voting for Winters

Well, I'm voting for Sheriff Winters. He has done an excellent job. And, he knows the job like the back of his hand. Moreover, Sheriff Winters has managed to run our county's Sheriff's Department respectably on a lean budget. That takes know-how, and Sheriff Winters has it, and we should keep hold of him for as long as we can. He stands up for what he believes is right.

What Sheriff Winters did for the Shady Cove school was exemplary. (As a parent, it brought tears to my eyes.) Sheriff Winters cares. The security measures installed for protecting innocent schoolchildren reflect Sheriff Winters' knowledge, foresight, vision, implementation and tremendous deep caring for our community. As a citizen of Jackson County, I encourage all Jackson County voters to vote for Sheriff Mike Winters for county sheriff.

Patti Morey, Ashland

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 17