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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 22

Vote for Richardson

Vote Dennis Richardson for governor. The governor has made it clear his constituency is from Eugene north, up the I-5 corridor. According to the Oregonian, he is in Salem 25 percent of his time, working four- to six-hour days. He ignores us south of Eugene.

Dennis Richardson has been my friend since 1979. He is the ethical candidate who has struggled with the waste and corruption of Salem politics. He is a family man, honest to a fault, who has not given up his values to personal interest. He supports less government and less regulation intruding into our lives. He will be a full-time governor and represent every Oregonian.

Dennis Richardson will serve Oregon. He will restore financial integrity, stop waste such as Cover Oregon and the new bridge project that cost Oregon citizens half a billion dollars for NOTHING.

Put an ethical man in office. Empower all Oregonians. Vote Richardson.

Raymond Smith, Central Point

Who's afraid of Roberts?

The county commissioners must be afraid of Colleen Roberts because they are being overly negative about her. They are telling on themselves that they are afraid she may be voted in and things as they are in local government may be seeing some changes, some much-needed changes. Instead of government, Colleen vows to have the government work for the people.

Jimmy Day, Medford

Dotterrer can't match Bates

Recent letters have touted Dave Dotterrer's leadership and budget management skills as a Marine colonel. Marines are fast-moving fighters; that is what they do. They fight.

Most veterans know there are no service units in the Marine Corps, and would bet Dotterrer mostly learned there to ask the Navy to get the services he needed.

As a Navy supply corps officer, my duties included budgeting, ordering and managing supplies such as food, construction materials, even ammunition for Marine units when requested.

Sen. Alan Bates has initiated and helped pass legislation for small businesses, public education, health care for all, clean energy and protection of Oregon's natural resources. He has demonstrated leadership and budget management in Salem. He has experience and maturity in office that the colonel can't match.

I'm voting for Sen. Alan Bates.

Lou Hannum, former Medford mayor, World War II Navy veteran, Medford

Time to replace Kitzhaber

Our governor knew of this issue, or knew more than he revealed, until the statue of limitations expired. This is one of many issues that surface on that side of the fence, before the election. (I speak of his girlfriend.)

Another concern I have is the death penalty. Our esteemed governor doesn't believe in it — not on his watch, as he says, but the voters of Oregon had it reinstated years ago. So a convicted felon (Gary Haugen) sits on death row. He petitioned the governor to carry out his sentence, and our governor refuses to do so. What gives? Why does he have this authority to not carry out the sentence, when the voters approved having it reinstated? Oregon's law is based on Texas law, this was proven in 1988 in the Supreme Court ruling Perry vs. Lynaugh.

Jim Runels, Medford

Talbert is most qualified

Do you want your county commissioners to have a history of engagement in our community? Do you want them to have extensive prior experience managing multi-million dollar budgets? Do you value consensus-builders?

Do you believe that the best way to build our economy and provide jobs; protect our natural resources, air, and water; support county health care and law enforcement; and strengthen our family farmers and ranchers who provide high-quality food for local, regional, and international markets; is to elect the most qualified people to public office?

If your answers are positive, please join me in voting for Kevin Talbert for Jackson County commissioner, position 3. He’s the only qualified candidate for this position. Read his statement in the Voter’s Pamphlet or go to www.kevintalbertforcommissioner.com and learn more about him.

Please mark your ballot and return it so your vote counts.

Meredith Reynolds, Ashland

Anti-Bates ads twist facts

Dr. Alan Bates has deeply cared for the good of the people of Oregon and deserves to be returned to his important position in the state Senate. Unfortunately, millions of dollars are flowing into Oregon from out-of-state corporations and extremely wealthy people to influence the vote against Alan Bates by twisting the facts in mail fliers and TV ads. His election is critical in determining whether the Senate has a Democratic or Republican majority.

Stand up to this barrage of money that is trying to influence your vote. Learn the real facts. Dr. Bates has been a staunch supporter of health care for all Oregonians, for the best education for our children, and is doing his utmost to bring new jobs here to improve the economy of our state. Do not let out-of-state money influence your decision. Vote for Sen. Alan Bates.

Don and Traute Moore, Talent

Know what you're eating

I recently purchased Kroger tuna in water, naively thinking that it would be tuna in water. It was actually tuna in vegetable oil including soy, a GMO product. Had it been labeled as GMO, I would have read the label prior to purchase.

November 2014 Consumer Reports states, “There haven’t been sufficient studies done to determine whether there are long-term health risks for people eating GMO foods. But some animal studies suggest that eating genetically engineered crops such as corn may have harmful effects on the immune system, liver and kidneys. More independent research is needed.”

Do we really want to wait and allow chemical companies to experiment on the people of Oregon? Some of us just want to eat corn, not something with a bacterial endotoxin, such as the Bt corn from Monsanto and Syngenta. If you care about what you put in your mouth, vote Yes on 92.

Barbara Steely, Medford

Merkley hides his record

Jeff Merkley's campaign for re-election does not mention his past record as our senator.

Why is there no reference to his support of the failed, almost trillion-dollar stimulus, his vote for ObamaCare, or his vote against the Keystone pipeline? There is no mention of the Senate Ethics Committee investigation for his involvement in IRS targeting of conservative political groups. He has supported all of Obama's policies right down the line.

Merkley's progressive politics don't work for this beautiful state of Oregon. When he campaigned in 2008 he expressed concern that the then $10 trillion deficit would be a burden on our grandchildren. It is now over $17 trillion. My 7-month-old granddaughter's share of the national debt is over $130,000. Join me in voting against Jeff Merkley.

Dick Dunbar, Medford

RVTD improves our lives

A most important funding measure is before voters this November. The Rogue Valley Transportation District is seeking a 13 cent property tax levy that, if approved, will fund transit services over the next five years.

The matter is of utmost import to the Southern Oregon business community and will improve access to jobs and higher education, improve commerce, increase safety and mobility and enhance overall community vitality. Most important, passage of the measure will ensure proper mobility to our community’s most vulnerable citizens, our elderly living on fixed incomes.

Now with the highest passenger fares in Oregon, this measure will ensure that no service reductions will be needed in 2015 and 2017, averting a downward spiral in ridership and income generation. Please join me and other business owners in supporting this most worthy funding measure.

Craig A. Stone, Medford

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 22