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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 25


Editor's note:  Because of the increased volume of letters during elections, we cannot guarantee publication of election-related letters received after Sunday, Oct. 26.

Oppose the status quo

This is the most dysfunctional Congress in history. Good or bad, bills stand little chance of substantive action. There is no leadership.

Our representatives were afraid to take any action defining the president’s air strikes under the War Powers Act because it would damage their re-election efforts. What? “We don’t want to do anything because it will make it hard to maintain our position to do anything.” How does that work?

With all of this non-function, we still want to re-elect “Our Guy” because they are “working across the aisle.” So says everyone seeking re-election. If that is true, why does dysfunction continue?

The worst Congress in history will not change unless we vote “Our Guy” out of office. To move forward we must change our representatives. It is the only way to fix this problem. Don’t vote for the status quo.

Only you can prevent bad government.

William Heimann, Ashland

Dotterrer gets a D-minus

Dotterrer claims that Dr. Bates deserves an F for his support of education, citing that Bates "Voted for significant cuts to education funding (SB 5552 - 2011)."

Turns out that SB 5552 passed on a unanimous vote: All 14 Republicans and all 16 Democrats voted yes. Looks like Dotterrer deserves an D-minus in truthfulness. Oh, and he forgot to mention that Dr. Bates helped restore over $1 billion to the K-12 budget this year.

Patti Lane, Ashland

Moro a strong advocate

I have known Tonia Moro for over 20 years, and know she would make an excellent county commissioner.

She has experience in government, having represented several government municipalities and special districts, as well as being a small business owner. She has always been a strong advocate for her clients, albeit with honesty and integrity. She is extremely well respected in the community and viewed as someone with integrity, and whose word you can count on. She treats everyone with respect.

If you want a county commissioner who has experience, intelligence, integrity and will listen to all sides before making a decision, Tonia Moro is your candidate. Please join me in voting for Tonia Moro.

Angie LaNier, Jacksonville

Moro will enforce GMO ban

With the GMO crop ban now in Jackson County, we can once again all be part of the ongoing historic movement to make this an even safer, more beautiful and vibrant place to live.

Nothing is more important to our county and its new ordinance than the elections for county commissioner

Tonia Moro will enforce compliance with our crop ban ordinance. An attorney among other things, she would endorse a proclamation declaring a future month GMO Awareness Month (like Josephine County has this October). She is an open supporter of our state's GMO labeling law.

Tonia has worked as a land-use attorney in Jackson County, representing four municipalities and a few fire districts. She understands our rural/development issues, and will support agriculture and uphold our crop ban.

Tonia Moro would make the best choice for position 1 on the Jackson County Board of Commissioners.

Gregg Marchese, Ashland

Moro is clear choice

The Jackson County Voter’s Pamphlet is online. Comparing candidates, one race jumps off page 15-10. County commissioner candidate Tonia Moro is clearly the most experienced for position 1.

In this complex job, she won’t require very expensive “on-the-job” training at full pay. This job is a highly paid position of top-level expertise that demands a lot of experience. The chasms of professional differences between candidates are glaringly evident.

Moro outlines a plan, not beliefs. Beliefs are nice, but I need to know, that the candidates know what to expect.

At the end, I found endorsements. Tonia included substantive recommendations from people who know her work, and of importance to me, a woman’s opinion.

For me it’s easy, experience matters a lot! Moro has experience. Her plan shows she knows what to expect. Finally, as a member of half the voter population, a woman’s opinion should never be excluded!

Darby Stricker, Talent

Talbert is who we need

Kevin Talbert is my choice for Jackson County commissioner, position 3. As a physician and a farmer, I share many of Kevin’s concerns, including community health and safety, traditional and emerging agriculture and economic development.

Kevin supports programs that balance public safety and public health, like well-family care, mental health counseling and substance abuse rehabilitation. He knows a healthy county can address crime prevention and is less likely to require crisis law enforcement.

Kevin supports the development and promotion of high-value agriculture including organic food producers, seed growers and viticulturists. And he recognizes the potential for increased local, regional and international markets for our GMO-free crops and food products.

Kevin supports the development of a skilled, local workforce and economic development that balances diverse economic interests with their impact on environment, culture and lifestyle.

I support Kevin Talbert. He’s the candidate Jackson County needs.

Lanita C. Witt, Willow-Witt Ranch

'Redskins' a hateful term

Whitt Flora's defense of the NFL's Washington, D.C., team name, "Redskins," raises questions that beg for answers.

He offers, and I've seen this cited elsewhere, that "polling shows a large majority of Native Americans are not offended by the name." What I've never seen, and he fails to provide, are details about this mysterious polling. Like, who, how, and when were these polls conducted?

Lacking such critical specifics, the reader has no way to judge if these polls constitute a statistically reliable sampling of Native American opinion. Thus this statement must be dismissed as not credible. My own, albeit unscientific, "polling", accomplished through near to a half century of work with Native Americans, tells me the term "redskins" is a hateful, racist term, much like the N-word is for African-Americans.

I'm also puzzled as to why Flora thinks it "ironic" that this issue was raised by the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian? It was, after all, so named after extensive input from Native Americans/American Indians, not the National Museum of the American Redskins.

Robert York, Medford

Roberts the clear choice

Why did current Republican county commissioners endorse liberal Kevin Talbert over fellow Republican Colleen Roberts?

One said she’s “angry,” but I think he was talking about himself. I’ve watched Colleen on video several times, and one of the things I most appreciate about her is how she can ask very uncomfortable questions of the commissioners in the most gracious way. No wonder they don’t like her.

Her primary loyalty is to principles like smaller government and local control, not party. Colleen was the only Republican to (correctly) support the county GMO ban.

Symbolic of her commitment to wise stewardship, she will take a reduced salary if elected. She has an MBA and is a small business owner. See www.oregonabigailadams.com to find out where Colleen and her opponent stand on the issues. Unlike him, she answered every question. For common sense, courage and integrity, Colleen Roberts is the clear choice.

Lynn Barton, Phoenix

Who's bankrolling measure?

A word of caution about the measures in our voters' pamphlet: I used to count the "in favor" and "in opposition" arguments, then vote for the ones with the most "in favor" or against the ones with the most "in opposition." Clever, and eliminated the need to read every one. Read one, you've read them all, I thought.

I discovered I could learn a lot by identifying who posted  the argument. Measure 88 has 29 arguments in support; 16 were paid for by Caroline Fitchett of "Yes For Safe Roads." At $1,200 per submission, Fitchett forked over $19,200 to champion Measure 88.

Call me cynical. Does Fitchett believe that strongly in Measure 88? Could someone else be bankrolling her submissions and paying her to use her name? If so, why the deception?

Bud Gleim, Talent

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 25