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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 26


Editor's note: Because of the increased volume of letters during elections, we cannot guarantee publication of election-related letters received after today, Sunday, Oct. 26.

Talbert is qualified

Kevin Talbert is the right candidate for county commissioner, position 3.

Kevin is qualified to lead our county forward. He administered successful, self-supported programs at SOU for 26 years and is on the RCC Board of Directors; he understands multi-million dollar budgets and long-range planning. He is a skilled consensus builder who will help the diverse groups in our county work together.

Kevin grew up on a dairy farm — he understands small farmers and how the county can collaborate with them to strengthen the local economy. He supported the ban on GMO’s, supports labeling, and helped pass the ballot measure for stable funding for Extension Services. He is a Master Gardener, Land Steward, Master Recycler and board member of THRIVE, a coalition of community members and local businesses that supports a socially, environmentally and financially sustainable economy in the Rogue Valley.

I’ll vote for Kevin Talbert.

Suzanne Willow, Willow-Witt Ranch

Restore the old values

I’ve heard it said that if you’ve been around long enough, what is old becomes new again. Well, I think it’s time for the old values like honesty, integrity and pride in being an American to come to the forefront again.

These values have gotten so buried in the cesspool of politics that it’s time to take them out, wash them off and put them to good use. I am very unhappy with the policies supported by the current senator — what have they done for us lately?

The only candidate I see who has those solid values is David Dotterrer. I hope that sending him to Salem as our state senator will help turn things around for our state and especially Southern Oregon.

Michele Hassell, Ashland

Dotterrer's facts wrong

Dave Dotterer has done it again! He claims that Alan Bates "voted to tax Ashland small businesses at a 40 percent higher rate than larger Portland corporations (HB 2649, 2009)."

Turns out that HB 2649 in 2009 was about a modest increase in personal income taxes on the top 3 percent of income earners in the state. The bill had nothing to do with business taxes!

Colonel Dave gets a D for accuracy and/or honesty. Is this the man you want to represent you in Salem?

Victor W. Rogers, Ashland

Vote for liberty

The candidates for this election are studies in contrast.

Tonia Moro, Kevin Talbert and Alan Bates constantly bow at the altar of big and more intrusive government as the solution for all problems. All support "collaborative efforts" between government and the taxpayer, which work out poorly for the taxpayer, who gets fleeced.

These candidates want carbon taxes (redistribution of wealth from the productive government), to put into electric cars, light rail, etc. More coercive government.

These "gang green" candidates support big government, and its increasing threats to individual freedom and liberty.

On the other hand, Curt Ankerberg, Colleen Roberts and Dave Dotterrer advocate for less government intrusiveness to free individuals and businesses from burdensome and unnecessary regulations that stifle economic growth. Ankerberg, Roberts and Dotterrer will work for the citizens and liberty; not for more intrusive and expensive government and increased taxation.

Dennis V. Sinclair, Medford

Bates is most qualified

Not long ago I heard Dr. Alan Bates, our present state senator (up for re-election), speak at our local library in Ruch. A full house of local residents gave him a standing ovation after he summarized his work and what issues he supported in the last session of the Oregon Senate. He also outlined a plan for needed legislation in the future and welcomed us to participate.

There was no question in that gathering that Alan Bates is doing a notable job as our representative in the State Senate. His sincere expression of the issues, experience and concern for all members of our communities make him by far the most qualified candidate for the job of state senator.

Christopher Bratt, Applegate

Vote for Moro

The best choice for commissioner, position 1, is by far Tonia Moro.

Tonia has been a Medford attorney for over 24 years, and 10 in government service. Tonia has a long list of accomplishments and education, but what sets Tonia apart from her opponent is her commitment and dedication to Jackson County with facts and goals that will benefit all who live here.

I know that a full breakdown of her priorities and background is listed in the voters' pamphlet, but having had the pleasure to hear Tonia's ideas and her answer to questions about the county assures me that this woman is the best choice for commissioner. Please do the best for Jackson County and vote for Tonia Moro.

Tana Domecq-Davis, Talent

Don't expand RVTD

The RVTD wants to increase taxes in Eagle Point so they can run the extra 6 miles from White City to E.P.

The average price of a home here is $250,000 and up. The golf community will not use this service, but will end up  paying for the most for it. Eagle Point is so spread out that there would be a very small percentage of people riding the bus. Vote no on expanding the bus to Eagle Point. Raise the cost of the bus ride instead.

Bill Ferard, Eagle Point

Mail tax bills earlier

We do not understand why Jackson County can't mail property tax bills out at least 45 days prior to the due date. All the counties we have lived in have them out at least 45 days in advance, some like Yuma County, Ariz., 60 days. There must be some way Jackson County can come into the 21st century — please!

Sharan Deemar, Central Point

Planning is critical

Having been a resident of this fair city almost all of my 55 years, I have witnessed what I would consider to be a series of planning disasters. The next time you try to get from one part of town to another, take a moment to consider how awkward it is get anywhere, here.

We are lucky enough to have a candidate running for City Council with a professional background and education related to urban planning, that being Mike Zarosinski. Besides his professional life, Mike has contributed countless hours on the Medford Planning Commission. Electing Mike Zarosinski to a position on the council where he can effect real change is something I believe we can all benefit from.

Mark Chirgwin, Medford

Tax cuts don't create jobs

The MT asked questions of many candidates, one regarding their first priority in office. Dave Dotterrer's answer was job creation. My follow-up question: "How would you create these jobs?"

The answer is on Dotterrer's website. Surprise! He's a Republican — the answer, of course, is tax cuts! Tax cuts do not create jobs. If they did, George Bush's massive tax cuts would have left us swimming in jobs in 2008 instead of heading into a recession.

The way to create jobs is — hire people like teachers and firefighters, contractors and laborers to expand infrastructure spending by repairing roads and bridges. This will ultimately add dollars to our communities (with some money going back to the government as payroll taxes) which will spur private sector job growth.

If you want more of the same old useless "job creation" ideas, vote for Dave.

Dr. Alan Bates is the right choice for Jackson County.

Nancy Shulenberger, Ashland

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 26