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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 28

Dissolve the bloc

I'm a new resident of Phoenix but have followed the City Council for a year. Unfortunately I have been unimpressed at how the current council operates.

Typically, a husband/wife on the council who second each other's motions, another who goes along with them, and one who passes to see how the other three are voting first, sometimes creating a tie which gives the mayor the deciding vote, is standard for this council. In most cases the vote of one outstanding council member, Terry Helfrich, doesn't count, and he gets it.

It is clear this council voting bloc needs to be dissolved and make way for leaders who will represent their constituents, who have intelligent insight necessary to run our city. I am voting for Terry Helfrich for mayor, Steve Schulman, Melissa Wagy, Judy Grillo for City Council, yes on Measure 15-129, and hope you will too. Move Phoenix forward.

Clarkie Clark, Phoenix

Alan Bates has my vote

The Oct. 17 edition of the Mail Tribune clearly outlined the many good reasons to be voting for Alan Bates for the Oregon Senate, all of them very valid and important. I would like to add my personal endorsement based upon several times that I’ve had the chance to speak with him directly.

Each time that I’ve presented a question to him, he has listened closely, not from a political point of view but from one of trying to understand the question completely. He has always provided good, clear responses along with reasonable options.

It is clear that he works with a problem-solving goal in mind, exactly what we need in government. As a retired educator of 37 years, I value this type of processing. Alan Bates has my vote!

Teri Stember, Ashland

Why vote Republican?

Several years ago, I voted for Richard Nixon. Now the Republicans are against everything. They are against raising the minimum wage, against women getting pay equal to men.

Now its gets a little weird. The local veterans support the Republicans even though the Republicans do nothing for them. Obama came up with a plan of hiring 100,000 veterans to install solar panels, and the Republicans (including Greg Walden) turned the bill down.

Then there is the issue of health care for veterans. Obama asked for $60 billion, and the Republicans turned it down. Finally after six months of denying the issue, the Republicans were so embarrassed, they voted $20 billion for veterans. Now it comes out Republicans cut the fund of the National Institutes of Health fighting Ebola and flu viruses. This is un-American and lacks any kind of morality!

Bruce Bauer, Medford

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 28