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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 30

Back to the Dark Ages

Vote no on Measure 92!

We've been genetically modifying crops for centuries, through selective breeding, grafting, artificial pollination, chemicals, irradiation and more. Inserting a gene from a drought-tolerant plant into a plant that isn't doesn't make the new plant dangerous.

Requiring GMO labeling would attach a stigma to healthy and harmless foods. It would also increase the food costs of all Oregonians. This attack on GMOs is a step backward for scientists who are trying to feed the world by creating plants that are drought tolerant, that are resistant to pests and to pesticides.

They have also created plants that are more healthy, that would save millions of Asians whose rice is deficient in Vitamin A. Yields have increased. Twenty years ago, two bale/acre cotton was the norm. I have just seen four bale/acre cotton that was genetically modified. Don't take us back to the Dark Ages. Vote no on Measure 92!

Linda Mandeville Gamble, Ashland

Vote for Moro, Talbert

We need elected officials who have more than just "common" sense. We need elected officials who have demonstrated their ability to solve complex issues. We need elected officials who have intelligence and open minds, rather than hidebound ideologies and simplistic rhetoric.

Above all we need elected officials who recognize that the greatest threat to our children’s future is escalating climate change from carbon pollution. Jackson County is fortunate to have two exemplary candidates for commissioner who meet the above criteria: Moro for position 1 and Talbert for position 3.

Understanding that what we do today impacts tomorrow, Moro and Talbert participated in the Oct. 8 forum on clean energy and climate change. Regrettably, none of the Republican or Libertarian candidates bothered to show up and answer voter questions on this critical issue. Conclusion: Moro and Talent have demonstrated that they not only think ahead, but are responsive to their constituents.

Lee Lull, Talent

Voting for Bates

Let me begin by saying thank you to Dr. Bates for his steady, thoughtful leadership over the years. I am particularly impressed with his handling of the issues during this campaign.

To the point, I am more than disappointed with the campaign waged by Mr. Dotterrer. After initially promising not to go negative there appears to be very little positive in any of his mailings or TV ads. In fact, for the most part, the materials have taken votes cast by the incumbent out of context, misrepresented the facts, or presented them in a misleading manner. For example. sending out frightening mailers asserting that the incumbent has spent his time in office letting violent criminals out of jail or cutting budgets for schools to me distorts the facts and lacks integrity. Perhaps this is positive for some, but it doesn't work for me.

I will be proud to cast my vote for Alan Bates.

Gerald Brooks, Ashland

Vote for justice

Americans per capita cause more pollution than any other nation. Yet, our leaders allow fossil fuel companies to feed our over-consumption of cheap “stuff” and fuel, while denying that burning these fuels causes climate change. This is a matter of justice because of the death, destruction and displacement of millions of people and wildlife caused by hurricanes, tsunamis, fire, drought and freeze. And the destruction of our environment. These injustices bring untold suffering, but also breed terrorism in poor vulnerable countries.

If we want to be a world leader for justice, every vote will matter on Nov. 4. Local and state politicians make up the larger government. Which candidates are addressing this problem and which are ignoring or denying it? We must change our divisive politics and make this our common cause. The hundreds of thousands who recently marched around the world for climate action have paved the way.

Diana O'Farrell, Ashland

Dismayed by Dotterrer

There is only one fully qualified person running for the state Senate. That person is Dr. Alan Bates, who deserves re-election.

As one who served over eight years as vice chair and chair of the Jackson County Republican Central Committee, I am dismayed and embarrassed by the half-truths and misrepresentations of Senator Bates' positions and votes made by Col. Dotterrer on TV and in his printed campaign literature. Senator Bates has a legislative record to be proud of. He is highly respected and works well with legislators from both parties and Independents.

Donald K. Denman, Jacksonville

Vote yes on 91

I’m a mother and grandmother who just joined the Moms for YES on Measure 91 Facebook page.

If we really care about our kids, we need to tax and regulate marijuana for adult use. Legalization will help protect our kids from dealers who sell them marijuana and possibly other drugs. Police will be able to focus on major crime that compromises the safety of our families. Tax money from the sale of legal marijuana will go to our schools, drug treatment, and law enforcement. Mexican cartels that depend on black market marijuana will abandon grow sites in our forests.

Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol and it’s not working for marijuana. Vote yes on Measure 91.

Claudia Little, Ashland

Bates had his chance

Southern Oregon will never recover its economic equilibrium without strong, decisive and effective leadership from our state senator.

Doc Bates has had his turn to show what he can accomplish, but after all his years in office, Southern Oregon is still behind the state average for wages earned, has a lackluster job market, an embarrassing educational ranking and can’t seem to figure out how to attract and sustain new businesses. These are all fundamental indicators of ineffectual leadership.

Looking realistically at Southern Oregon’s prolonged economic struggles, Bates is obviously leading us in the wrong direction. If we want changes in our economic future, we have to change what’s not working. Dave Dotterrer has the experience, the leadership skills and the best interests of all Southern Oregonians to lead us back into economic growth. He will get my vote for state senator in November.

Janice Heauser, Medford

We deserve better

Here are some examples of our current leadership:

  • Oregon is 48th out of 50 states in high school graduation rates.
  • Oregon has 7.2 percent unemployment, one of the highest in the nation.
  • Oregon ranks 31st in business taxes and 32nd in individual taxes out of 50 states.
  • The state squandered over $250 million on Cover Oregon and did not sign up a single person, making the state a laughingstock. In addition, the state is being investigated by the FBI, and sued by Oracle for $22 million.

He wants to be governor again?

Now of course his, girlfriend, who calls herself “the First Lady of Oregon,” has gotten all kinds of lucrative contracts because of her pillow talk influence with the governor. In addition, she evidently married a guy (for $5,000) in order for him to gain citizenship.

H.L. Mencken said, “People get the government they deserve.” — We deserve better.

Lee Topham, Talent

Voting for Moro

My husband and I had the opportunity to meet Tonia Moro at a candidates’ forum in Talent.

We were impressed to learn that Tonia is an experienced attorney in the areas of municipal law, criminal law and business law. This experience is essential to the responsibilities of a county commissioner regarding law enforcement, public safety and health, government operations, business development and Open Public Meetings compliance.

As an attorney with her own private practice, Tonia is knowledgeable about growing a business and serving clients. Tonia Moro is transparent about where she stands on the issues and avidly supports economic development particularly in the area of high tech. She is the most qualified candidate for county commissioner position 1. Tonia Moro will be an effective advocate for all of the citizens of Jackson County.

Marguerite and Jim Schellentrager, Talent

Don't be misled

Democrats! Do not be misled! Colleen roberts has labeled herself a Democrat. She is not. She has said, "I definitely will run on the Republican platform which is limited government, fiscal responsibility, less taxes and less (sic) restrictions, along with service to the people."

Women! Do not be misled! We need more quialified women in office, but Colleen Roberts is not that woman. One of her major endorsers is Oregon Right to Life. She apparently believes in less government interference in our lives, unless it is the government limiting women's options concerning their own bodies.

GMO labeling supporters! Do not be misled. While she collected signatures to ban GMO's in Jackson County, Roberts is opposed to the GMO labeling bill.

Join me in voting for Kevin Talbert, who is what he says he is: a Democrat and an experienced public servant.

Terry Ann Stone, Ashland

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 30