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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 1

Issues that matter

As a fourth-generation Oregonian I am aware of some current worthy challenges that require our pioneering spirit to put in place. To do this we must vote for candidates that will support the following:

1) Minimum wage for all.

2) Equal pay for equal work with paid sick leave.

3) A financial safety net for disabled and seniors.

Putting these in place will most likely result in enhanced local economies, decreased health costs and enhanced well-being for all our citizens.

Janice Elliott, Ashland

Voting for Winters

Mike Winters has operated the Jackson County Sheriff's Department under budget for 12 years. He has provided excellent security for Jackson County and without asking for more money from us to do so. His leadership has been exemplary based on facts and performance.

Mike does not have a spouse nor does he have children. He has devoted this "extra time" to provide better security for the citizens of Jackson County. Thank you, Mike! When the fall arrives this year and should Falls fail and Winters prevail, we will continue to be protected this winter as we have been in the past by Winters.

Mike Winters will get my vote again in November!

James L. Bennett, Medford

Destruction in our mouths

Dressing up a powerful drug into gummy bears and cookies that will, of course, only be available to adults? As a retired school counselor, I can only roll my eyes at the culture bringing it to us.

Years ago Bob Newhart described Sir Walter Raleigh selling tobacco leaves to London. “You simply roll it up, light it on fire and put it in your mouth.” London replied with, “Walter, it’s fall and we have more leaves than we can use.” Yet they bought it.

Alcohol in a similar way is now a food supplement mandated in every movie scene. It is indeed a touch of humanity obsessed with putting destructive things in our mouths.

Lynn Berntson, Jacksonville

Couldn't be bothered

Last week you ran a nice article about Bruce Sophie running for Phoenix City Council. That Mr. Sophie couldn't be interviewed by your reporter, couldn't show up to "meet the candidate" events, has resigned from this council before, and that he's part of the bloc of the council that has done nothing real for the city of Phoenix is what was left out of the article.

But then, candidate Chris Luz has also resigned from this council, so perhaps you are right in ignoring it. And Chris also votes as part of the same bloc.

I owned and ran an engineering/construction company for 15 years, and when folks quit, they were told to not let the door hit them on the way out (actually, I only had one guy quit). I'm just saying ...

Judy Grillo, Phoenix

Follow the money

Lots of big signs plus lots of big campaign dollars equals lots of big favors owed.

Follow the money trail. Vote smart!

C. Williams, Ashland

Undervote alert

Republicans have lost elections, often by narrow margins, because of the undervote. An undervote occurs when a voter leaves a position blank, often because the candidate concerned does not agree with the voter on a specific issue. This results in a vote for the opposition.

These midterm elections are critical. A majority of Americans of all political persuasions believe our country is headed in the wrong direction, and although neither major political party is held in high esteem, the core values of the Republican Party coincide more closely with those of the Founding Fathers than those of the opposition.

Those values are: the importance of the individual and individual responsibility; limited government as close to the people as possible; fiscal restraint; and a strong national defense.

Please vote. Let us not lose our country.

Valerie T. Smullen, Central Point

A guide for voters

If you are a hunter, or enjoy target shooting, pick up the current copy of "American Hunter." This issue will tell you which of our candidates will protect our gun rights. As usual, some talk out of both sides of the mouth, but this issue will show you who truly is on our side — a guide of whom to vote for!

Judy Van Blarcom, Talent

Support RVTD

I would like to add my support to the RVTD levy measure, 15-128, and urge my fellow Medford voters to support it as well.

The Mail Tribune wrote an excellent editorial outlining the many reasons to support it, but for me one of the key reasons to support it is the need to improve service to the East McAndrews and Springbrook road areas. The cost to own and operate a car, and even the ability to do so as we get older, are becoming more and more important. Right now my neighbors and I must walk more than a mile to the nearest bus stop. Solving that problem will increase ridership and help create even more financial support for the district.

Al Densmore, Medford

A voice for common sense

I’m tired of the deceptive allegations against Colleen Roberts being circulated in the Mail Tribune’s letters to the editor from a group of uninformed individuals.

Colleen Roberts is a Republican. She does not claim to be a Democrat. She won the Democratic nomination because of write-in votes by Democrats who had no candidate in the primary.

Now along comes a registered Democrat, Kevin Talbert, who wins the Independent nomination. Why the deception? Why did he not run as a Democrat in the primary? Was this a deliberate strategy by the Democratic Party to win this seat by drawing votes from unsuspecting Democrats, Republicans and Independents?

A vote for Ms. Roberts will provide a voice for the common-sense individual, who is far too often ignored in our current world of academic “experts.”

Lana Fawcett, Ashland

Thanks for the facts

I would like to commend the Tribune for taking time to review the facts regarding the race for judge between Peterson and Hoppe.

As a victim of a crime I can tell you that David Hoppe worked hard to seek justice and listened when I had concerns. He is known to be an excellent attorney, he knows the law and is good at what he does.

At times it feels as if the criminals have more rights than the victims, and Mr. Hoppe works hard to seek justice for them. I believe that he would make a good judge with his years of experience as a prosecutor and the amount of cases he has tried, which is public record. He is the right person for the job in my opinion. Thank you, Tribune, for setting the record straight.

Gary Fitzgerald, Central Point

Our grandchildren will thank us

For decades marijuana has been harmful. It destroys brain cells, particularly in young people. It is a dangerous "gateway" drug.

Millions of dollars have been spent to eradicate the pot problem. Hundreds of our citizens were sent to jail because of pot.

Suddenly and miraculously, marijuana is now a miracle weed. It helps folks with everything from hiccups to hangnails.

Oregon gets tax dollars from alcohol, tobacco and gambling, so why not add narcotics? Think of the tax dollars. After all, marijuana is only a "recreational" drug.

Gosh folks, why don't we add prostitution to the list? Think of all the jobs it would create, and the taxes — wow. Naturally it would only be "recreational" prostitution.

So come on, folks, let's push Prop. 91 over the top. Our grandchildren will thank us for the wonderful state of Oregon that we are creating.

C.A. Beck, Central Point

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 1