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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 2

Expand bus service

My husband and I support Measure 15-128 to expand bus service to Eagle Point wholeheartedly. To get to the bus connection from Eagle Point you have to walk nearly an hour along busy Highway 62 to the White City veterans facility! We have lots of people that would benefit from this. With the library measure passing, having bus service would be such a blessing to the community!

Sharron (Shari) Lawson, Eagle Point

Don't vote for Portland

Baghdad has the big population that enjoys the best wages, lower unemployment, and more goods and services. But, the power center in Baghdad generally ignores the rest of the country, where unemployment is high, people get little or no help, and they lose their land, their homes and their heads.

Now, substitute "Portland."

Portland has the big population that enjoys the best wages, lower unemployment, and lots of goods and services. But, the power center in Portland (and up north) generally ignores the rest of the state, where jobs are scarce, unemployment is high and we have lost timber revenue and critical police patrols.

We may not agree with everything Dennis Richardson says, but he will represent our interests, and he won’t come with a fiancée who would be in prison were she not outside the statutes of limitations. If you vote for Portland (Baghdad), you deserve what you get.

Charles Jaeger, Rogue River

Talbert has my vote

Small-business owners are the backbone of our community and they’re the experts at what they do. Some of them have served our county government well.

But do they always have the skills that apply to running a county? Small-business owners can hire and fire employees at will, refuse service to customers and use their earnings as they will. County commissioners cannot do that.

Running Jackson County is a complicated proposition — it cannot be compared to running a cookie shop. There are hundreds of employees, everyone has the right to services, and spending is subject to intense public scrutiny. There’s no recipe to follow for getting the tough work done. Commissioners need an open mind and the ability to listen to everyone. They need to build consensus to accomplish anything.

Kevin Talbert has the skills and temperament to be an outstanding county commissioner. He has my vote.

Hart Wilson, Eagle Point

Fear the GOP

The Republican Party's Chicken Little, "the sky is falling" fear campaign is the party's red herring designed to distract Americans from what they should really fear.

It’s not Obama or his care, nor Ebola or ISIS, it is Republican Party policies that outsource our jobs to communist countries, cut Social Security and voucherize Medicare, deny science, repeal the Clean Air Act, rig our elections by voter suppression and actually believe a corporation is a person. The list goes on and on, but none of that matters when it’s Chicken Little that rules the roost in America. So be afraid, be very very, afraid — BOO!

Stephen Armantrout, Phoenix

Whose 'old values?'

In response to Ms. Hassell's plea for a return to "the old values" in support of Dave Dotterrer, I can only assume she means the "old values" as practiced by Karl Rove and his other bottom-feeding peers who believe any distortion of the truth is not a practice of negativity, as long as the supported candidate gets 50 percent plus one of votes cast.

I thought Mr. Dotterrer might be a fine member of the state Senate, but realized his refusal to distance himself from the distortions and outright lies being spread by his supporters tell me he has no integrity or honesty and his pride in being an American allows for only one kind of thinking — his way or the highway. We do not need any more of that poisonous thinking in either our statehouses or in Washington, D.C. Please vote for Alan Bates for state Senate.

Ed Cooper, Shady Cove

Editorial disappointing

Your Oct. 22 editorial not endorsing Merkley and anointing Walden Representative for Life was as disappointing as your editorial supporting Bates was encouraging.

You don't seem to get, along with the Republican Party, that Oregon, like the rest of the nation, is becoming more urban and less rural. U.S. demographics are changing pretty rapidly, which is why Obama was elected twice.

If Merkley didn't represent a substantial majority of Oregonians, Koch et al. would have been able to field and pay for a viable alternative.

Likewise, if an unknown, unqualified Democrat who doesn't run a campaign can win 35 percent of the vote against Walden (i.e., over a third of his district is saying anyone but Walden), think what a known, qualified candidate running a campaign could do!

For some mysterious reason(s), the Democrats don't run a viable candidate in District 2. When they or the Independents do, Walden can kiss his crown good-bye.

Julia Sommer, Ashland

Impressed by Talbert

I was privileged this week to attend a gathering with Kevin Talbert, the Independent candidate for Jackson County commissioner, and was so impressed to see the depth of his knowledge about the important challenges facing Jackson County citizens — critical issues of water, viable agriculture, public health and job creation.

Kevin’s positions on all the issues are well-reasoned and nonpartisan. If you want to know what kind of public servant Kevin will be you need only look at the dedication and character he exhibits in the way he campaigns.

Our county will truly benefit having a forward-thinking commissioner with such a thoughtful temperament and inclusive approach. Visit Kevin’s website at www.kevintalbertforcommissioner.com to see why you might want to join me in supporting Kevin Talbert, an independent county commissioner.

Kay Stein, Ashland

Dotterrer disrespects us

We moved to the Rogue Valley 10 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. We were captivated by the friendliness and respect shown by most everyone we encountered here.

I have recently been shocked and saddened by the distortions of Dave Dotterrer’s campaign. It’s negative in the worst sense of that word, and if it’s at all successful it will lead to campaigns aspiring to the worst examples of big-city politics. And then the smear tactics will discourage our good people from running for office.

The Mail Tribune noted on Oct. 17: “Dotterrer’s campaign now has sunk to the level of Willie Horton-type ads, accusing Bates of voting to release violent and sexual predators. The bill was not perfect, but to suggest Bates supported the release of predators is patently false.”

Say no to gutter-level smear tactics; vote for the highly-respected Alan Bates.

Roy Sutton, Ashland

Vote for Talbert

Vote! The people of Jackson County will benefit from a well-informed candidate who researches and understands local concerns and retains an open-mind about issues regardless of political party.

Kevin Talbert has successfully developed programs for local businesses and organizations as well as programs for our youth. With his rural background, Kevin shares local concerns about our water resources, keeping Jackson County GMO–free, creating local jobs while also preserving Oregon’s parks and forests.

Jackson County needs a county commissioner who represents all the people of Jackson County regardless of party affiliation. Don’t be confused by party labels. Support your local environment, culture, lifestyle and economy with a vote for Kevin Talbert for county commissioner.

Ellen Rubenson, Ashland

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 2