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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 2

Vote yes on 92

Stop and think. For 20 years huge mono-crops of corn, soy, canola, cotton and sugar beets have been sprayed with Roundup, and will now be sprayed with an even stronger, more persistent herbicide, 2,4-D, all government-approved.

Many other countries already refuse to buy our genetically engineered, herbicide-saturated exports of "GMO" corn, soy or wheat. Yet food processed here in the U.S. contains more and more of these "hidden" ingredients.

Here in the U.S. sales of organic food has grown an average of 10 percent a year for the past four years, dwarfing the 3 percent average annual growth of total food sales during the same period.

Do consumers know something the FDA and corporate conglomerates won't admit?

We have a right to know what is in our food. Vote for labeling of GMO foods. Vote yes on Measure 92.

Cynthia Care, Talent

Send Dotterrer to Salem

Oregon needs fresh leadership after 27 years of Democratic governors and primarily one-party control.

Ask yourself if we want to continue to use the same approaches which have seen our state decline in the areas of job growth, high-school graduation rates, and economic vitality. Ask yourself how it has affected you and your family. Do you foresee any improvements in continuing the current leadership in Salem — or just more tinkering around the edges?

Dave Dotterrer is both prepared and qualified to provide the leadership in the state Senate, which will require that our legislators work together to improve the way our state operates. We need a senator who understands budgets and who realizes that ever-increasing government control over citizens will not increase either productivity or success.

Please join us in sending Dave Dotterrer to the Oregon State Senate.

Terry and Sue Corp, Medford

Relying on half-truths

Your paper hypocritically relies on its own "half truths" in condemning Dave Dotterrer for "negative campaigning." You ignore the positive suggestions he has made for improving the economy and education, tort and regulatory reform, and much else (see www.davedotterrer.com, and especially the blog section), and irresponsibly did not even interview him before endorsing his opponent.

Apart from the positives you ignore, what you call "negative" I call holding the incumbent accountable, which is what Bates supporters cannot abide because he has few positive results. "Half-truths" always can be charged unless everything Bates has said, written or voted on since learning to talk is listed, so it is meaningless. In an election, we expect an incumbent to brag about what he thinks he did well, a challenger to point out what he thinks the incumbent did badly, and the voters to decide which view is more nearly correct.

Jerry Ross, Medford

Supporting Watson

I support Andrew John Watson for Medford City Council, Ward 4.

John has been a resident of the Rogue Valley for close to 20 years and has been a devoted servant of our community for most of that time. As deputy director for Jackson County Community Justice, John has demonstrated an ability to collaborate with leaders in the law enforcement community locally and around the state to handle complex issues. As an active member of his church, John has worked closely with members of our community in need.

As a resident in Ward 4, John is an active neighbor, helping to make it a great place to live. John’s positions in the community will bring a fresh perspective to the council as we face new legal issues, and face the growing needs of our community. I believe he is the right candidate to represent the residents of Ward 4.

Miles Wiltrout, Medford

Vote no on 88

The most laughable argument in favor of Measure 88 — the proposition to extend driving privileges to illegal aliens — has to be the contention that giving illegal aliens driver's cards will compel them to buy insurance. Who in their right mind thinks people who illegally enter the country and happily use fake identification to gain employment and leech into government programs will voluntarily buy insurance?

It didn't work in New Mexico or Tennessee. The experience of licenses to illegals in Tennessee was so horrendous they quit doing it, and Gov. Susana Martinez in New Mexico has been frantically trying to end the insanity of licensing illegals there. A recent poll by the "Albuquerque Journal" found 75 percent of those polled opposed issuing licenses to illegals. One of the major reasons was the aliens who were supposed to buy insurance did not.

Surprise, surprise — vote no on Measure 88.

Mary Elbert, Grants Pass

Vote yes on 92

Fear of labeling our food has giant toxic chemical companies in a frenzy, dumping millions (over $20 million so far) to defeat measure 92 — our right to know what is in the food we give our children.

They are very afraid of the truth, instead of doing the right thing and spending a few thousand to label. 64 countries already require them to label and it has not raised prices, nor put any farmers out of business.

Twenty million dollars to lie to us and scare us. Vote yes on 92, against out-of-state mega-profits.

Dan Davis, Talent

Vote for Tonia

Tonia Moro is the perfect person to serve as a Jackson County commissioner.

She has the legal background to understand current regulations regarding land use, water resources, zoning and residential and industrial development. She is a compassionate for individual rights, which is why she is running. She has no ties to special interests and can represent the people first. I urge everyone to vote for Tonia.

Paul Robinson, Medford

The vacuum remains

Lee Atwater was a campaign manager in the 1980s infamous for unscrupulous attacks on opponents. Cancer robbed Atwater of life at the age of 40, but not before he apologized.

Atwater wrote, “My illness helped me to see that what was missing in society is what was missing in me: a little heart, a lot of brotherhood. The '80s were about acquiring power and prestige. But you can acquire all you want and still feel empty. It took a deadly illness to put me eye to eye with that truth … I don't know who will lead us through the '90s, but they must be made to speak to this spiritual vacuum at the heart of American society, this tumor of the soul.”

Dave Dotterrer’s dishonest campaign against Alan Bates sadly demonstrates that the vacuum remains. We deserve better.

Richard Boucher, Jacksonville

Oligarchy or democracy?

If democracy is to endure, it's time for the non-elites to recognize that class warfare is being waged against them and rigorously fight back. It isn't just our material well-being that's at stake, it's also our freedom and our democracy.

Oligarchy is only when a few have a say. In this case, that would be the Republican wing of the Supreme Court, using "Citizens United" and selling democracy to the highest bidder, hence, the Koch brothers.

Republican governors all across this country have used every kind of fairy tale to block voters from voting, it's called voter suppression. And the the Republican Supreme Court is allowing it to happen.

In Texas alone, 600,000 registered voters are being denied their right to vote. This will happen in Oregon in 2016, if a Republican is elected as governor. It's called "survival of the most dishonest".

Oregonians, oligarchy or democracy?

Michael A. Long, Trail