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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 6

Thoughts on new center

As a dozen-year resident of East Medford, I am happy to hear that the Southeast Village Center is closer to reality (MT, Oct. 26). I also support the concept of a design that will promote biking and walking to the center (Our View, Oct. 28). However, I take issue with some recent articles. First, residents can already "buy a gallon of milk or fill a prescription" at the Albertsons center, catty-corner from the Village Center and only half a block further on; but what we have been missing for years are a variety of other stores: a local deli, hardware store, gas station and small specialty grocery store are sorely needed.

In addition, the articles note that the center will be designed to funnel traffic onto Stanford Avenue; but to get from there into the large area at the top of Hillcrest, where a substantial Medford population lives, one must traverse Stanford from Cherry Lane to Hillcrest, where the "white van" waits all too often for anyone who travels over 25 mph. Something very much needs to be done about that as well, to really make the new center useful to us all.

Paul Monaco, Medford

Website is confusing

I am frustrated by the WorkSource Oregon's website, which I am required to go on in order to begin protecting my information that was apparently hacked, per their letter.

Unable to recall my username/password after all these years since 2008 and 2009, I followed prompts to access or change my username and password but that only caused a pop-up message stating that "an internal error has occurred" and that the department would be notified. This has gone on for several days, and I can't protect my data.

Also, in their "recommended steps" letter, the instructions listed under Section 3 and Section 4 are also confusing, with seemingly circular-reasoning instructions about what to do regarding monitoring credit activity, placing fraud alerts, and then later new info to "please activate credit monitoring before placing fraud alerts." I'm dizzy about which needs to come first, lest I block my own access to checking my credit information.

There is no direct link or number to call on WorkSource Oregon's site for help with questions specific to computer access. Someone at WorkSource Oregon: please fix your site and contact me.

Claire Krulikowski, Talent

Concert was uplifting

Thank you, Mrs. Harrison and the McLoughlin Middle School choir, for an exceptionally uplifting concert last Tuesday.

The songs were dynamic, upbeat and joyful. The director obviously engendered confidence, inspiration and individuality as well as camaraderie in her 100-plus students. They, in turn, delivered that to the audience with their wonderful voices, harmonies, solos, exuberance and originality.

The energy was highly positive all around — just what we need these days!

Roberta Edmonds, Medford

Where is the equality?

Why do normal folk have to obey the 50 mph speed limit on I-5 in Phoenix, but federal, state and county vehicles do not?

Tuesday morning I was passed by a state vehicle. That afternoon I was passed by a county and a federal vehicle, all doing at least 65 mph.

Are traffic rules only applicable to non-government people? Who writes the tickets? Oh, yes — government employees! Where is the equality before the law?

Cathy Andrews , Medford

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 6