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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 17

Gold Hill politics

Allegations of harassment are serious. Blaming victims is worse. But in Gold Hill politics, things are rarely as they appear.

City Manager Rick Hohnbaum is a good, ethical and visionary administrator who will bring prosperity to Gold Hill. I believe he is the real victim in this latest alleged scandal.

Deb West, who led last summer’s failed recall attempt against the best of Gold Hill’s City Council, is continuing her campaign by other means. City Recorder Mary Goddard has been at the center of Gold Hill's dysfunctional government for many years. She needs to go — but won’t without a desperate fight.

Gold Hill is on the verge of finally thriving as a river town. The few who profit from dysfunction and poverty will lose as Hohnbaum succeeds, but the entire Rogue Valley will gain.

Stephen Kiesling, Gold Hill

Check your ballot

The Secretary of State’s office says there are 13,000 contested ballots outstanding. According to a new Oregon law, we have until Tuesday to chase down these challenged ballots and get their votes to count for Yes on 92! You can look through the list of names of contested ballots here: http://stjr.nl/1uvkX67.

Diane Kish, Ashland

Where was thanks to area's veterans?

Apparently some of our newspaper was missing Tuesday morning. I could not find the article that wished all of the valley’s many veterans a happy Veteran’s Day, and thanked them for their service to our country and all of its citizens — be they pro- or anti-military.

Elaine Wheeler, Central Point

Questions for DeFazio

When Peter DeFazio was running for re-election as congressman, he took obvious delight in calling his opponent an "extreme tea party member."

Peter DeFazio is a staunch supporter of abortion rights laws that have allowed for the deaths of 56 million unborn babies. That death count puts us 50 million deaths ahead of Nazi Germany.

I'd like to ask two questions of Congressman DeFazio:

1) In light of these hoary numbers, does he honestly feel that his opponent is the extremist?

2) How many more dead babies will it take for his conscience to begin to stir?

Ron Smith, Medford


Hallelujah! Recreational pot has been passed!

With any luck the liberal community will take advantage of this mind-numbing opportunity. They can check out and stay stoned all the time so that they don't know what's going on around them or even care.

With their help, the next presidential election will head in the direction of sanity because right now all I see in the executive branch is lunacy.

Vicki Hunt, Medford

See the polar vortex

Want to see the polar vortex? Go to www.earth.nullschool.net. The opening image shows the Americas and the Pacific Ocean. Swirls represent surface wind velocities, updated by NOAA every 3 hours.

Drag the cursor downward to view the North Pole from above. Click “earth” (lower left corner) to open a menu. The vortex is up in the stratosphere; for Height, click 10 hPa. That corresponds to an altitude of around 16 miles. The color scale shows maximum wind speeds today (11/13/2014) of about 220 km/h or 160 mph. Notice the breakdown beginning over Alaska.

At 250 hPa you get the altitude of the jet streams, about 6.5 miles. The breakdown shows up there as clockwise circulation centered over Alaska. To display the air pressure at the earth’s surface, change the Overlay selection to MSLP. This combination is called a strong high pressure “ridge.” To display the temperature at the surface, change Height to Sfc and Overlay to Temp. By using “<<” under Control, you can watch (in reverse) as that blue Arctic air advances southward into the US. Each click equals minus one day.

Dean Ayers, Medford

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 17