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Letters to the editor

The liberal media remain silent

Jonathan Gruber is an MIT economics professor now famous for his critical role in advising the Obama administration on the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Employed as a consultant and paid over $400,000, he’s often referred to as the “architect” of the sweeping government healthcare takeover.

Comments by Mr. Gruber that came to light this past week, six videos in total and counting — including one where he refers to the “stupidity of the American voter” while in another where he's talking about Obamacare tax credits, he says, “American voters are too stupid to understand the difference.”

“If you have a law that makes explicit that healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it wouldn’t have passed.” Gruber said in a 2013 video. “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage and, basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever. But basically that was really critical to getting the thing to pass.”

With the the exception of Fox News, mainstream media — ABC, NBC and CBS — has been virtually silent on this repudiation of the administration's claim of "transparency." Why has the MT remained equally silent on a disclosure of such monumental importance?

Dr. Gaither B. Everett, Medford

Nice try!

So nice to hear that Hawthorne Park is getting its much needed face lift. Basketball courts are good start, although I see empty courts around town every day.

How about a skate park or a climbing wall (this decade's basketball courts)?

People make the park, not vice versa! Attract them with something constructive and fun to do, and our parks will flourish.

Oh yes, how about returning our disc golf course that our parks department disappeared into thin air! It's missed by many of the tax-paying citizens of Medford! Remember, you promised!

V. Handel, Medford

Fire rules unnecessary

It seems like Brian Fish and Gary Wheeler are intent on rolling a timorous city council in order to mandate a plethora of fire rules and and codes which will increase costs to property and owners, yet provide miniscule actual safety benefits.

Thirty years ago the unions, realizing that serious fires would become more and more infrequent, thought up the nifty idea of giving the fire laddies a role as spurious medical adjuncts. Whew! A lifeline of survival tossed to these expensive organizations whose jobs were in danger of being made vestigial to a modern city.

Mr. Wheeler offers the liberal wheeze, “We can’t put a price on the life of a child.” Seems Mr. Wheeler was “pre-rolled.” Of course! You can put a price on darn near everything. This is why every classroom in Medford doesn’t have its own fire engine on standby. Don’t let this silly movement get traction and please stop sending city employees to conventions where they get sold nutty ideas.

Hubert Smith, Jacksonville

Careful, Milbank

If Dana Milbank expects to keep his job as Gunga-Din for the Democratic party, he'd best stop bad-mouthing Ms. Pelosi.

Bob Waldo, Medford

Letters to the editor