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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 23

Waste of tax funds

After voting to increase my property taxes, I see that Jackson County Library Services now wants to waste that money to change the name of the library services? What a waste of our taxpayer money. They have already begun wasting it on a survey they have on the JCLS website, asking us to rate three name changes! This is not what I voted for, and I hope this is not what we can expect of the people that we are entrusting with our libraries. What's next, remodels of our new library buildings?

Catherine Brault, Jacksonville

Pipeline benefits few

"Boost Southwest Oregon," says the television commercial. Images of children playing, a farmer plowing, an electrician wiring a house. Not one of these scenes has anything to do with our natural gas "Williams Pipeline" and Canada's "Veresen"corporation will ship to China. A fact conspicuously omitted.

These corporations want you to believe that they are your friend. The real reason for the pipeline is for a few to accumulate wealth and power. The 247-mile pipeline delivers our nation's natural gas directly to the Chinese without even a cubic foot as utility for any of the counties it passes through.

The cost of gas to manufacturers in Australia has tripled, resulting in factory closures, and 100,000 are expected to lose their employment since international energy corporations began exporting natural gas from Australia to Asia. We are next. In an economy the size of ours, the job loss will be much higher. It will be catastrophic. Do the loosely promised temporary jobs justify further crippling our middle class into poverty?

Give your children a shovel for high school graduation, and tell them to start digging now because their future is in China.

Chris Mathas, Butte Falls

Don't blame the victim

Steve Kiesling's letter in support of City Manager Rick Hohnbaum makes it appear that Steve K isn't up to speed with what has already transpired. The city has already hired a private investigator last summer for $2,000, who  already determined that Mr. Hohnbaum did do nasty things in the presence of the clerk. The council has already issued a reprimand. That is water under the bridge.

The BOLI suit alleges that after the council determined he was doing nasty things, they allowed him to retaliate against the clerk, with impunity. That is the issue that the city is now being held accountable for.

At this point, to try and paint the clerk as being at the "center" of Gold Hill's dysfunction would be laughable if it weren't so typical. It's the type of problem people like Steve encounter when they try to stick up for their friend's low behavior. The question isn't whether or not Hohnbaum did it; the council acknowledged that he had done the deeds, earlier this year.

Blaming the clerk is exactly what Steve says he thinks is wrong: blaming the victim.

Christine Alford, Gold Hill

Another Food Project win

The Medford Food Project would like to thank the terrific volunteer canvassers who turned out on Nov. 15, for our “60 Minutes Against Hunger” event. It was a great community effort. Close to 300 new food donors were signed up. As a result, our hungry neighbors will receive the equivalent of over 15,000 extra meals in 2015. This is what communities can accomplish when we work together — even when it’s just for one hour, as it was Saturday.

We’d also like to welcome our new donors to the Medford Food Project. Thank you for caring! The MFP has been handing out green bags since 2011, and we've already collected more than 500,000 lbs. of food — one bag at a time. With people like you on board, we’re sure the best is yet to come. This is a wonderful community, and we’re proud to be part of it.

Maisie Vanderhoof, Medford Food Project Steering Committee

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 23