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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 24

Saving the memory

On behalf of the Terpening Motor Museum, I would like to thank the Coquille Indian Tribe for their donation of historic signage from the Kim's restaurant location in Medford.

Several generations of our family, like so many residents of the Rogue Valley, grew up eating at Kim's. We are thrilled with the opportunity to salvage, refurbish and display this sign to preserve a piece of that memory.

Although there is significant electrical and neon work to be done, we hope to have the sign operational next year and ready for display. The museum is in the process of getting things set up for visitors, and hopes to begin no-charge tours by appointment during the summer months. Again, thank you for your generous contribution to preserving this piece of Medford history.

David Squyres, Phoenix

A plea for sanity

Nonviolent people who are misusing drugs and alcohol are sick and need medical and psychiatric help, not jail time.

Whole systems of economic prosperity have been implemented by corporations, towns and individuals that prey on these disabled addicts as documented by the film "The House I Live In." The methods and use of laws to incarcerate people for drug and alcohol violations are akin to something a parasite or pedophile would use to victimize.

If ever there was a time to wake up and be responsible to changing this horrible wrong it is now, this moment. Our leaders will not act on this issue. They are consumed by their desire for re-election.

The immediate solution is to vote not guilty with the condition of treatment if you are part of a jury involving any such case. If we do not, then this society that has victimized minorities and the poor to cater to monetary gain will surely follow the fate of all powerful civilizations of the past that have decayed into disgrace and dust in the wind.

Patrick Edgmon, Medford

Larson Creek Trail issues

This is a letter in hopes that Medford's council members and others can be of some help and listen to a few problems in the approved second leg of the Larson Creek Trail.

It is such a shame that the Rogue Valley Manor, with all their many, many acres of land in the Medford area, can not allow a few feet of earth and space to us homeowners of the townhouses, who have the tiny little property line, which butts up to the Manor's Quail Point Golf Course. They are talking about allowing only five feet of land, so the path won't be up next to the decks of the townhouses.

And across the street of Hilldale Drive are a few homes that also will have people in their windows, day and night. And behind Hilldale Drive, which is a dead-end street, is a very close wooded area owned by St. Mary's School. This wooded area is a homeless camp, with drug users, dirty, junky, and it is a potty to people and dogs. Will the biking people and walkers be safe going so close to this area? Will this bring more drugs, homeless campers, dog piles and junk to the bike path?

Pat Kennedy, Medford

Remove electronic signs

I’m sure persons other than myself find electronic signs at intersections such as Barnett Road and Highland Drive nuisances.

Local businesses should be more considerate of their customers. How can we concentrate on texting, talking on our cellphones or watching Fox News when we’re driving, only to be distracted by glittering advertisements? Besides, my back is just fine and I already have a good mattress.

H. Bernard Hartman, Medford

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 24