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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 28

Change the channel

Regarding Benghazi, an article on page 5A in Saturday's Mail Tribune stated the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee asserted no wrongdoing by Obama administration appointees. It went on to say there was "no intelligence failure," and "no delay in sending a CIA rescue team" nor any "missed opportunity for a military rescue." It also said that it was intelligence analysts who gave Susan Rice impetus for saying the attack had evolved from a protest. Naturally, this information was released on a Friday, to be lost in the news cycle before a busy holiday week.

Despite the continuous hysterical and hyped reporting of the Benghazi allegations, 1,098 times to be exact, Fox News barely spent 30 seconds reporting the findings, without mentioning any disgrace of being so wrong for so long. How's this for accurate reporting?

This is just one more incident in a continuous list that shows Fox News is far from anything resembling "fair and balanced" and is really just a branch of the Republican noise machine, generating fear and small adrenaline rushes for their mostly misinformed, low-information viewers.

Change the channel once in a while.

James Williams, Medford

Jefferson would turn over

Thomas Jefferson would turn over in his grave if he knew what President Obama did with the stroke of his pen. All of Jefferson’s political life he fought against what he labelled "monarchy", i.e., the gathering of power into one central being. He feared big government. But he feared more the despot.

President Obama by his own words is now Emperor Obama, a despot. As a despot, does he not have the power of his position and his pen to annex Mexico? By a stroke, he could settle the immigration problem. Illegals would no longer be illegal, and they would be free to vote Democratic.

Gale F. Trapp, Medford

Make ballot postage-free

If Oregon is concerned at the lack of voter turnout, why not take it one step further and provide a franking permit to the ballot envelope? That way, people who have limited access to postage stamps or transportation to the drop boxes would be able to put ballots in the mail from home, thus improving the likelihood of getting many more ballots returned.

Richard E. Moore, Medford

Why only in summer?

Regarding the article by Greg Stiles about resumption of Allegiant Air service from Medford to Phoenix prompts a question: why May to August? That is the hottest part of the year in Phoenix, which is not necessarily the optimum time to visit.

Why not have flights available October to May? There are lots of snowbirds who would welcome a winter flight schedule and take a “rain break.”

Perhaps if enough of us write a letter to Airport Director Bern Case and Allegiant Air's CEO a winter flight schedule could become a reality. Consumers do have a voice; let’s use it to effect change.

Susan Pemberton, Shady Cove

Crash decision puzzling

A headline in the Tuesday, Nov. 25 Mail Tribune reads, "No criminal charges for driver after fatal crash."

I am already very upset that drivers go flying by me in the 50 mph zone on I-5 at the Phoenix interchange. Now somebody going 70 mph in a construction zone rear-ends another car, kills a woman and no criminal charges are filed?

As I see it, that should be a charge of  involuntary manslaughter at the very least. No, I am not a lawyer, so I don't know all the fine points, but this seems like such a flagrant case of criminal recklessness I just don't understand how the District Attorney's office can let it go!

Victor Rogers, Ashland

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 28