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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 8

Trust has been shattered

Regarding the Tuesday, Dec. 2 letters to the editor: The LGBT community is rightly outraged and feels that the trust they should feel with the Sheriff's Office has been shattered. This is iconified by Julian Spalding and Fanda Bender's statements, "Imagine you are being stopped by a deputy who believes you are an abomination. Would you feel safe? Would you feel your rights were going to be respected?"

I challenge anyone who feels this is an untrue or false accusation to take a moment to reflect: Imagine a deputy affirmed, publicly, that he feels Christianity is an abomination on mankind. Would you ever feel safe if he were involved in your affairs, and you yourself were a Christian?

Certain people are expected to keep certain viewpoints personal and private for their own safety and of their organization or who they serve. The deputy overstepped this line when he spoke out about his personal feelings.

This is not about attacking his religious views, only that he has broken an already unstable trust with the Sheriff's Office. Please exercise reasoning and logic, and do not let emotions overwhelm you in understanding why we feel threatened.

Lyra Sinclaire, Medford

Don't attack Cochran

I deliberated over writing this letter but decided to write it while I still have First Amendment protection. The Nov. 27 Mail Tribune published complaints from people objecting to Jackson County patrol sergeant Dace Cochran’s expressions of his views on homosexuality and “same-sex marriages.”

First, I will say that I don’t know Dace Cochran, so I don’t know whether his values are the same as mine. I do think that, if a very small group (according to the CDC) can pressure society into redefining “marriage,” then I can redefine “death” and bring my mother back to life. (However, I couldn’t face her, given what we are allowing to happen to this country.)

I, too, interact with people who behave in ways I believe to be wrong. We seem to get by. So, I think it possible (even probable) that Mr. Cochran does his job well, regardless of the values of the people he encounters. I am incensed that these various groups have involved the Sherriff’s Department and the County commissioners. Whether his employer is a public or a private entity, attacking Mr. Cochran through his employer because of his personal values is contemptible. 

Dennis Davis, Medford

Kids do care

Who says that today's students are self-centered and have no passion regarding social causes?

The Dec. 2, front page photo of a Jefferson Elementary School kindergarten class showing their support of "Hands up. Don't shout in class" proves that today's youth do care. Very cute kids.

Tom Lamoree, Ashland

Orwellian logic

In giving kudos to Dace Cochran, Daniel Tomlinson has, using Orwellian logic, turned old-fashioned bigotry into "moral courage." The sort of "moral courage" displayed by members of the Westboro Baptist Church when they speak out at the funerals of fallen veterans.

This kind of courage doesn't lead us to a braver new world of peace on Earth. It continues the strife and discord of the present one.

J.R. Therien, Phoenix

Where is the outrage?

I cannot understand the vociferous minority on the Michael Brown shooting.

He was caught on camera committing a strong-arm robbery 15 minutes before officer Wilson made contact with him. Brown punches the officer and grabs for his gun. If it was a 6 foot 5 inch, 289-pound white man, we would rightfully call him a thug. But protests continue for what?

I want to see outrage, but outrage should be at stopping the killing of 93 percent of blacks by other blacks. Outrage on the racially motivated killing of a Bosnian immigrant by hammer-wielding protesters. Outrage because hard-working businesses are getting burned to the ground by protesters.

Michael Brown was not an innocent black activist trying to make his community a better place to live in. Michael Brown was a thug that got killed by a peace officer doing his job, who by the way is in hiding for his life. Where's the outrage?

Patrick Borovansky, Central Point

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 8