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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 9

Action required

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is currently considering a natural gas pipeline which is to run through Southern Oregon to a liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipping terminal at Coos Bay. The pipeline is a bad idea, locally and globally.

Why should the LNG pipeline end in little Coos Bay, Ore.? Why not at one of the large harbors in Washington or California that are prepared to receive massive tankers? Unlike Coos Bay, no dredging of their port entrances would be necessary.

The answer is that Washington and California coastal laws are more restrictive than ours. Do not make Oregon an easy target for big corporations. Of course, the environmental threat and damage will extend inland from the coast along the length of the project, through Oregon’s rural lands.

We need to say “no” to the proposed pipeline.

Let your senators, Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden, know how you feel. There is to be a public FERC hearing at Central High School of the Medford School District on Dec. 11 at 6 p.m. All concerned citizens should attend. There will be a community rally prior, at 5 p.m.

Marianne Jessop, Ashland

Truth must be the enemy

Mr. Steely, in his recent letter, clearly exhibits the workings of the mind and conscience of a liberal.

Jonathan Gruber, Ph.D., arrogantly admitted the underpinning of Obamacare were based on lies, distortions, and deceptions and used "tortured language" to fool the CBO, while obviously relying on persistent presidential prevarications to present the message to the people.

The Republicans, seeing both the economic devastation and the pending chaos the legislation would bring, wanted nothing to do with it. Therefore, when Gruber was bragging about the foundation for Obamacare resting on the "stupidity of the American voter," he meant the Democratic voter.

Although he has no experiential medical knowledge, Mr. Steely, unreasonably, attacks Dr. Everett, who is involved with the daily disaster that is Obamacare, complete with all its additional rules, regulations and low reimbursements for Medicaid patients, added paperwork, record keeping, new codes and more coding employees, etc.

Mr. Steely goes after Limbaugh and Fox News for repeating the truth revealed by the "architect" of the legislation.

Why not attack the president who deliberately lied about the devastating consequences of Obamacare?

Why not attack the media for keeping the public ignorant?

If not, then the truth must be the enemy!

Dennis V. Sinclair, Medford

Dump the nuclear dump

As Congress struggles to produce a federal budget, there is one item that should clearly not be included: wasting money to try to license the Yucca Mountain site as a nuclear waste dump.

The site cannot isolate nuclear waste because it is riddled with earthquake and volcanic activity and will leak radioactivity in water and air.

It is not only a threat to Nevada, Arizona and California downstream, but to residents and travelers in nearly every state in the country as bringing lethal radioactive waste to the troubled site would unleash a massive transportation campaign spreading thousands of nuclear waste shipments our over roads, rails and waterways.

Since radioactive waste continues to be generated at most of the nuclear reactors across the country, attempts to force a leaky dump at Yucca would not reduce the number of contaminated sites but would increase the chances of accidents and radioactive releases.

Our national radioactive waste policy is indeed incoherent. President Obama did the right thing when he cancelled the Yucca Mountain project in 2010. It's time to move on and seek new solutions. Congress must not make the situation worse by providing more funding for the failed Yucca Mountain dump.

Mouna Wilson, Ashland

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 9