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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 19

Reject LNG project

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is accepting comments on its draft evaluation of the Jordan Cove Terminal and Pacific Connector Pipeline. We should demand rejection of this project.

Leaders have abdicated their responsibilities. Is it moral to sabotage our climate, support destructive atmospheric pollution, allow countries to disappear and millions to die from drought? These corporations are ripping us off. Challenging the destruction wrought by fossil fuel corporations is a moral act. Renewable energy means more local jobs and reduced super profits for amoral corporations. We should promote clear air and they should have less money.

Demand: change in how business is done, renewable energy planning/ investment and intergenerational justice. Act ,we have more power than you think. It is wrong to deprive our children their right to experience our planet in all its glory. No one is going to solve this crisis but us.

Louise Shawkat, Ashland

Remembering our children

At this time of year, we focus on our children and family. My letter at this time is to ask you to take a step further, to think of your children's future and that of our nation.

Our children are our nation's future. Knowing what I do after many dozens of hours of research, I am very concerned about what is being mandated in our schools.

The federal government, through its Race To The Top funding coercion process, has hoodwinked our state and school districts into accepting Common Core and its Smarter Balanced Testing. The data mining and parts of the curriculum are potentially harmful to our children and their future. The testing has no direct use for our teachers and the students.

I encourage you to read my articles that are posted on News With Views, Southern Oregon Edition, for some critical information. I also invite you to visit one of my homemade websites by placing into your address bar“www.grantspassservices.info. My wish is for all readers a happy Christmas season and a peace-full new year. May it be filled with renewed interest in our children and what is occurring in our classrooms.

Neil Clark, Grants Pass

Stop the pipeline

By saying no to the Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas pipeline, Gov. John Kitzhaber can show what environmental protection looks like in action.

I'm a fourth-generation Oregonian whose children and grandchildren were born not far from the Rogue River. I'm writing on behalf of that beloved river.

I respectfully suggest that the governor sit beside and listen awhile to one of the rivers that would be directly impacted by the pipeline before coming to a decision about the matter. I hope he is courageous in the face of pressure from the oil industry to impose expansion of its reach.

I urge him to exercise his leadership boldly now. As Oregon's chief executive, he should use his influence to help stop the pipeline's destructive path through our beautiful state and beyond.

The push for construction of the pipeline can be met and stopped when Oregonians understand what's at stake: the well-being of the land, air, and water that sustain us.

I appeal to his affection for Oregon's terrain and waterways. Thanks to him for his efforts on behalf of the power of limitation — a renewable, sustainable and as yet largely unexplored resource available to us all.

Stacie Smith, Medford

It only takes a few

Not every young black male is a thug, not every DMV employee is arrogant, not every cop is a bigot. But it only takes a few to make it seem true.

Frank Long, Phoenix

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 19