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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 22

Thanks for assistance

On Saturday, Dec. 6, the new Panda Express on Center Drive had their official grand opening. ACCESS and the Chamber Greeters were there to help them celebrate.

Panda Express chose ACCESS as their community partner to receive 25 percent of the revenue for the day. ACCESS wishes to thank Panda Express for their donation to help provide meals and resources to those in our community who need help.

Pam Slater, ACCESS development director

Police creating work?

Is Medford Police Department creating work? Are there too many police officers? Maybe they should go catch the crooks running the street! Do they really need to bait a shopping cart to stay busy?

Anytime day or night there are red-light runners, speeders, dope runners and gang members running the streets. And I have read MPD knows the gang members.

I see women in the stores looking at items while their purses are in the shopping carts. Get a cart with the infant strap and wrap it around the purse handle. Come on MPD, go get the real crooks!

Jonathan Woods, Grants Pass

Waiting for justice

Justice has not been served regarding the workers and clients who have been unfairly attacked or threatened by OnTrack counselors. Why has the case of Chavala Bates not been settled yet?

M. Williams, Medford

What about water and air?

SOU's proposed biomass plant will use 40 gallons per minute, 24/7/365, for cooling. That's over 21 million gallons per year. Proponents think they can tap into the Talent Irrigation District for some of that. At a time when drought is devastating our region, is that wise? The WISE project is proposed to pipe the TID and save some water, but at a cost of what will likely be $500 million. Should we be adding such a huge water burden to our energy production as SOU's biomass facility needs?

The proposed facility will burn up to 20,000 tons of forest biomass, and despite sophisticated scrubbers and magnetic filters, particulates will be released into the air in uptown Ashland. Air quality here reaches third worst in the nation at times, and global warming is making it worse.

I'm not thrilled with natural gas, but it doesn't suck up this much water or pollute the air as much. SOU spent $250,000 on studies, but did not assess renewable production beyond solar panels. Aren't there other technologies to transition away from hydrocarbon burning like gas and biomass, and still meet SOU's needs? It's a school; better ideas please. Our youth are watching.

Karen Taylor, Talent

Get real

Regarding "Breathing trouble":

How about this, Michael Brown, et al: 

  • Don't break the law.
  • Obey lawful police commands.
  • Don't resist arrest.

These people did all of the above. Had they not, none of this would have happened. They just happened to be black? Gimme a break. They happened to break the law. Get real.

Jack Buckley, Medford

Messenger sacrificed

In olden days the messenger bearing bad news was frequently sacrificed.

Example: While Professor Jonathan Gruber’s off-the cuff assertion to the effect that “the average American voter is stupid” may seem outrageous, the present make-up of the United States Congress offers evidence to the contrary. Despite numerous public polls indicating widespread public dissatisfaction with the performance of the venal, political hacks now making up our Congress, American voters repeatedly re-elect them to office 95 percent of the time. This behavior could justifiably be considered “stupid.”

Perhaps Professor Gruber’s mistake was in giving voice in a public venue to what every unbiased critic of our electoral process has already concluded. All too often, officeholders determined to remain in office at any price evolve into the servants of those who contribute most to their re-election campaigns, their votes on all issues bought and paid for via that convenient subterfuge.

A deluge of TV advertising supporting any candidate constitutes a red flag. Who is paying for the advertising?

Because incumbents will never agree to term limits, all voters should be wary of those who have grown old in office, Democrat or Republican. Treasure your vote; expend it only after much thought.

 Bob Warren, Medford

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 22