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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 31

Good news, Oregon!

It's easy to understand the poor self-esteem of Oregonians. We live in a state deficient in oil and coal. There is not even enough oil to frack. We are not able to participate in helping increase the profits of large fossil-fuel corporations. What a worthless state we are.

Well, good news. Raise the flag of self-esteem. We have the Jordan Cove LNG Terminal/Pacific Connector gas pipeline. Now we get to do our part, step up to the plate and take our cuts for Big Oil.

Who cares that the great majority of the jobs are temporary? Any possible spills will be nominal, and they know how to clean them up. Any air pollution in Coos Bay will be blown away by ocean breezes — blown east and south. No one lives east and south of Coos Bay, right? And the gas is going to heat our houses, right? If not, the Chinese need it.

Give Big Oil a Christmas gift that keeps on giving: money, access and permission to exploit.

Ken Gosling, Talent

Thanks to strangers

A few weeks ago my friends and I were having breakfast at Spicer's. I noticed two women and a man in a nearby booth, glancing at us once in a while. I thought perhaps we were talking loudly. (As my hearing diminishes, I make up for it by speaking louder.)

But no!  One of the ladies came to our table to say they enjoyed watching us conversing and smiling. (I think we reminded them of their mothers or grandmothers.)

Then, as they were leaving, we found that they had paid for our meals. Wow! They lifted the hearts of three "ladies in their eighties."

So thank you to three wonderful strangers. We will try to "pay it forward."

Dorothy Groth, Central Point

LNG: Benefits for whom?

Campaign-like ads for the proposed natural gas (LNG) line across Southern Oregon to the coast make pie-in-the-sky promises about jobs and benefits.

Many of us oppose the project because it cuts across forests, streams and farms to export our natural gas (enriching what company?), and most of the jobs are temporary. What happens when we have our big earthquake? Will the line rupture? Will a tank at the coast rupture? If there's a tsunami, how much of our coast will be devastated by liquefied natural gas?

Ellen Wakefield, Medford

Pray for police officers

2014 has been a very difficult year for our nation, what with war, floods, fires, drought, hurricanes and racial tensions, but what concerns me the most are the people who are killing our police officers.

When the courts find them not guilty and people like New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Al Sharpton get involved and make statements that incite the demonstrators, then we really have problems. We need to remember that the police are there for our safety and are putting their lives on the line. Their wives should not have to worry if they will see their husbands alive again.

I would not be surprised if the mayor loses his job and I believe he should. Al Sharpton is always looking for opportunities to be seen and heard and usually doesn't understand the facts. We would have total chaos in our nation if our first line of defense (the police) is harmed. Pray for our police and our nation.

Gordon DeVos, Medford

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 31