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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 1

We deserve better

Recent tirades against Obamacare in the Mail Tribune were long on hysterical disinformation (Government takeover! Economic devastation! Pending chaos! etc.), but short on explaining why expanding access to health care makes Republicans so crazy. That’'s because it’'s really about their never-ending quest to make Obama fail. What Republicans hate most about the ACA is that it’'s working.

A significant majority of Americans want to keep the ACA as is or make some changes to improve it, not repeal it. But Republicans interpret the election results as a mandate to continue their vendetta. Never was their pettiness more blatant than when Republican governors went to the Supreme Court seeking to keep their constituents from receiving subsidies.

The U.S. spends far more on health care than other industrialized nations but has the worst health outcomes, primarily because of all our uninsured. Paying more for less is neither good governance nor good capitalism. We need universal health care;– it’'s a moral issue. The ACA is far from perfect, but it’'s a step in the right direction. Republicans are fighting to keep health care unaffordable for millions of Americans out of spite for Obama. We deserve better.

Michael Steely, Medford

Stand up to charlatans

Many have good intentions. Others are simply charlatans pushing a philosophy shared by few. But all seem to accept as scientific certitude what is merely scientific theory.

"Settled science" is an oxymoron. That phrase is used by climate charlatans to silence opposing views and to suppress data. Stating that science is even fully settled is in fact very unscientific.

We live in one of the few climate sweet spots in the earth's history that allows humans to flourish. It wasn't always so — climate does change.

Recently, 5,000 global warming people protested in New York. That very spot was covered by an ice sheet one mile thick. In the past, the ice appeared and disappeared on its own with no human interaction. In fact, that climate change could not have been moderated by any human action.

Today's computer models and best science cannot infallibly predict the weather 10 days into the future. It's illogical to suppose that the same computer and science available today can accurately forecast the climate 100 years from now. That isn't science, that is science fiction.

Stand up to the climate charlatans because the sky isn't falling. No carbon tax!

Doug Dusenberry, Gold Hill

Just say no

Decisions we make today, individually and collectively, will determine the ability of our planet to support humanity in the decades ahead. We are feeling the consequences of global warming today, but it will only get worse if we continue our "business as usual" behavior of ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

It is impossible to be too alarmist about this issue! The math tells us clearly that we have but 13 years to solve our use of fossil fuels completely and be fully weaned.

By 2027, globally we need to be using renewable energy sources. The technology is here to achieve this goal — all we need is a commitment to do it.

Whether we burn fossil fuels here or export them overseas to be burned there is no difference, the end result is more global warming and more climate chaos. Recognizing this threat, we must consider the greenhouse gas emissions consequences of every decision we make.

The Jordan Cove Pacific Connector LNG Pipeline is a perfect example. By emitting carbon dioxide and methane, this project can only make global warming and climate chaos worse. Just as we must with all efforts to export our fossil fuels, we should just say “No!”

Julia M. Rodriguez-Seidler, Ashland