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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 4

It's over once again

Ho, ho... oh!

The holidays are over. Well, now we can all get back to being nice again.

"Please" and "thank you" will once again be words used on a daily basis. "Excuse me" will return as a normal response for cutting in line or a loud sneeze.

Yes, it is time to rejoice, to slow down the pace of the furious romp through store after store. A time to pick a parking space, rather than fighting for one.

Shopping carts will be available, large and small, kid's seat or not.

The stores will once again smell like people instead of cinnamon sticks. Yes, now I give thanks for the end of the Season's Greetings (whatever that means).

I do hope that all presents given were well received, and the all presents received were much needed. Shall I go on?

No! This will end here, as did the holidays! Fast as they came, they went.

So, goodbye holidays! See you next year. And hopefully many years to come, because as good as it feels to be done with you, I will miss the eggnog and rum.

Kathleen Bryan, Medford

Parking should be free at Christmas

After attending yet another wonderful performance at the Craterian Theater on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon just before Christmas, I still couldn't help but feel a little "Bah, humbug!" due to the limited-time parking situation. Long lines and frustration with the pay-by-plate parking system took away some of the joy of the afternoon.

Wouldn't it be a great gift from the city of Medford to declare free parking for the week prior to and after Christmas? The lots are not being used by RCC at that time because it's Christmas break. Just a hopeful suggestion for next year!

Marilyn Chartier, Medford

LNG risk is staggering

I've been following the articles on the proposed LNG boondoggle with great interest. I'm staggered that such a potential environmental catastrophe is even being considered, much less promoted by people who live closest to the facility.

A simple Google search shows that one of those LNG tanker monstrosities contains enough gas to equal the explosive equivalent of 55 atomic bombs the size of the ones that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Googling "Jordan Cove" brings up a headline stating that the Canadian group headlining this atrocity wants us to believe that it's only for our own good, that they have modeled the construction techniques, that most of those employed will come from within 50 miles, and that there will be nothing to worry about from earthquakes, tsunamis and so on.

It has been 27 days shy of 314 years since the last Cascadia Subduction Zone mega quake, and according to Oregon State University's "Cascadia Zone " update, these normally happen about every 240 years — point being, be afraid folks, be very afraid of the hogwash these people are selling. That pipeline is there to enrich the investors, period, and does nothing to preserve what most Oregonians love about our state.

Ed Cooper, Shady Cove

Display inappropriate

On Friday, Dec. 26, Mom and I went to see Christmas elves on display. We were so impressed by the handiwork of over 100 elves, enjoying their Christmas fun.

Unfortunately, whoever owns the house used Christmas as an avenue to express their political opinions.

There is no justification for seeing such a political message expressed during a holiday meant for Jesus Christ. Where what should be merry and thoughtful is instead naughty, not nice.

Robin Sparks, Medford

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 4