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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 7

What will we leave them?

I still lived in California when I began to see cars with Oregon license plates and the bumper strip “Don’t Californicate Oregon.” I thought it was rudely crude, but also gutsy to drive through my state with such an attitude.

Now it is clear that an awful lot of Oregonians want to do just that by allowing a foreign country to ship American gas reserves to other foreign countries by tearing through Oregon forests, boring under major Oregon rivers, threatening wildlife, salmon and sea creatures, dredging Oregon’s best deep water port deeper to allow massive ships in while using the billions of tons of sand to build an island for their processing plants in order to protect Coos Bay from a tsunami which would probably have the power to wash the whole shebang out to sea in a heartbeat.

Now that I’ve lived in Oregon for 27 years, I feel I’m at least a “Califoregonian” with a right to ask, “Are they crazy?” People have got to start thinking of their heirs today, 10 years, 100 years, even 1,000 years from now. Humanity will persist. What will we be leaving them? Don’t expect corporations to care.

Gail Beason, Talent

No to the pipeline

Well done, Mail Tribune, on the "Project Pipeline" series. It vividly illustrates the costs/ benefits of the Pacific Connector project.

The public will be picking up the tab for this project, from people losing their land to "eminent domain" to all of us paying for the Coast Guard, sheriffs and, most likely, elements of Homeland Security. Add to that public lands being compromised/ destroyed along the way and public infrastructure impact in terms of roads, structures and transportation. Pipelines all eventually have a failure at some point, so we can also expect some major cleanups when this 36-inch diameter baby springs a leak or has an explosion.

All this, for a very rosy estimate of 50 permanent jobs, the specialized qualifications for which rarely even exist in areas like Coos Bay or Klamath Falls. All this, to profit a privately-owned foreign company that wants to export a reasonably priced, but valuable, North American energy resource. It would be sold at world market prices and would help to inflate North American buyback costs for our own energy.

Pacific Connector privatizes profits and socializes losses. Is it any wonder that California and Washington wanted nothing to do with this project?

Andrew Kubik, Ashland

My answer is no

“Help [GOP] Kick Off 2015”? I received a fund-raising email with that title from Greg Walden.

My answer: No! Republicans are the friends of the privileged, oligarchs and corporations and the enemies of common people, the environment and reasonableness.

The U.S. is the only major western, industrialized nation without a comprehensive national health care system with mental health care, substance abuse and addiction assistance and long-term care. Republicans want to make sure that this condition remains true and turn back any progress that's been made under "Obamacare." Instead of strengthening curbs on the irresponsible adventures of "too big to fail" financial institutions, Republicans want to kill the principles of the Glass-Stegall and Dodd-Frank Acts once and for all. Instead of supporting our democracy of the people, Republicans want to replace it with a democracy of dollars.

Woe to the American People for the next two years; I'm frightened of what damage will be done by "Compassionate Republicans."

If Representative Walden, as a party leader, were able to restore sanity to the Republican Party, I might be able to support him. So far, he has shown no inclination to do so.

John Severance, Medford

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 7