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Letters to the Editor

Give way to public good

Unfortunately, climate change is real, human caused, and dangerous. Almost all (97 percent) experts agree. Who would know better?

I fear some will interpret the issue as a partisan one and react defensively. But the issue transcends politics as usual. (I'm a moderate independent.)

Yes, the discussion may evoke memories of the old jobs-versus-the environment debate, opinions on which have hardened. But it's really about understanding the need to tackle a huge threat that endangers our whole nation, not least the economy.

We all care for America in our own ways. Some emphasize limiting the federal government's role. That's an honorable view with a long history.

But very few broad opinions are valid in all circumstances. Sometimes only the federal government has the size and authority to manage national problems with international implications.

Sadly, the time for the easiest solutions has passed. Without accepting a free-market solution like a carbon tax, heavy-handed government controls loom. In this emergency, comfortable views and political habits must give way to the public good.

Please read www.realclimate.org and www.skepticalscience.com.

Martin Seim, Medford

Wrong in so many ways

We cannot allow the Jordan Cove LNG pipeline and terminal to be built. The adverse environmental impacts are severe and not really being considered.

Building a terminal in an earthquake/tsunami zone — does FERC take that into account? A 36-inch pipeline burrowing under 400 rivers and streams, clearing streamside forests and dumping sediments into clear streams, thus disrupting salmon watersheds. The increased fracking alone from this project would contribute immensely to climate change — impacting groundwater, leaking methane during extraction and transport. The possibility that the LNG project would become the biggest emitter of carbon pollution in Oregon is devastating to me.

The quality of life here in Southern Oregon is being compromised. What recourse do we have if and when something goes wrong? Williams Company (which would build/maintain the pipeline) has had three facilities or pipelines explode in 2014 alone. The DEQ is holding a public hearing Jan. 22 at 6 p.m. in the North Medford High School Commons. Consider attending and/or submitting questions. rogueriverkeeper.org is a good place to get more information.

Linda Lanzhammer, Ashland

Pimping for pollution

I recently received an email newsletter from Rep. Greg Walden, wherein he proudly states that he voted to defund the EPA. Now either he is incredibly stupid or incredibly corrupt because the only reason to defund the EPA is to give a free pass to the powerful pollution industries.

Greg surely must know that our atmosphere and oceans are heating up due to a steady profusion of greenhouse gases and that we need the EPA more than ever to help stem that tide of death. NASA, NOAA and the Defense Department know, the World Bank knows and most vintners, pear growers and foresters know. But Walden and a chorus line of similar political pimps continue dancing for polluted dollars.

Our nation is not responding in an effective manner to global warming and climate change — primarily because of the powerful fossil fuel interests that influence too many politicians like Walden, but also due to propaganda outlets that mislead voters into thinking that media pundits and pimping politicians know more than scientists.

We are teetering on a moral cusp of life and death due to greenhouse gases and Walden once more voted for death.

Lee Lull, Talent

Letters to the Editor