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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 25

Meet shingles

Regarding "Vaccine aversion is viral," Jan. 20:

Hi: My name is Shingles, and I am just waiting for you to have a medical or personal stress that greatly reduces your immune system and then, baby, you're mine!

I take great joy in causing you unbelievable pain, scaring from the scabs, and if I can arrange it, you will have permanent nerve damage. I lie sleeping in your spinal column, roaming to and fro, searching out those who were never vaccinated for chickenpox virus, just waiting for the opportunity to pounce. Be seeing ya!!

Ann Udell, Shady Cove

Not fooled by LNG

You know that saying — fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice, shame on me? Well, your story, "Feds weigh options for cleanup," explains that a Canadian company came into Oregon to mine nickel and zinc near Riddle.

The company promised it would be safe, and the government gave the permits since there would be some jobs. Then, once the company made its money, it abandoned the mine, leaving behind no jobs but massive toxic waste, killing salmon and threatening the town's water supply. Up to $10 million in public funds will be needed to clean up.

Now, with the LNG project, a Canadian company wants to come into Oregon to export fracked, liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Asia. It promises that, despite crossing 400 waterways, there will be no impact. And it wants permits because it will create some mostly temporary jobs, even though the export terminal will soon become the largest contributor to climate change in the state.

But if it is approved, someday the natural gas market will change, the company will leave, and we’ll be holding the bag. Let’s tell Governor Kitzhaber and Senators Wyden and Merkley that Oregon shouldn’t be fooled again.

Keila Theiss, White City

Thanks to Cow Creek Foundation

Our most humble thanks to the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation for a grant of $12,500 on behalf of the children and the families in the Butte Falls and Prospect communities who will benefit from access to dental care. Children and families from Butte Falls to Prospect will benefit from having dental care just a bit closer to home.

The foundation's time-honored tradition of giving back to communities is once again adding quality of life by assisting Rogue Community Health in establishing a dental clinic in Butte Falls. Rogue Community Health is very appreciative of our long-standing partnership with Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation. Thank you to the foundation for helping to make good things happen for families in our communities.

Karen Elliott, Rogue Community Health, Medford

The right thing to do

President Obama came under fire for not joining other leaders protesting a “terrorist” attack on Charlie Hebdo. Its staff was well aware after a 2011 attack that displaying Muhammad’s picture was taboo. After this incident, Charlie Hebdo again depicted the prophet on its cover, kind of like poking a stick at a tiger.

Because we lost 3,000 in an actual terrorist attack on 9/11, relatively speaking, 11 people doesn’t seem so bad. We’ve survived several “terrorist” attacks, most notably the shooting of 20 children in their classroom and 12 others in a theater, all sitting ducks for the deranged. Not all mass killing are terrorism and we didn’t consider the last two as such.

The world is realizing non-governmental groups like the Taliban, Boko Haram, and ISIS behave outrageously for the international attention. With social media disseminating pictures of black-masked men involved in a violent act, they can be assured of extensive coverage. As non-governmental groups, they don’t stand to lose aid packages and may even make connections with others.

So, whether President Obama was a no-show in Paris on purpose or not, in order to avoid legitimizing a private act of revenge, it was the right thing to do.

Kathy Svendsen, Grants Pass

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 25