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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 30

Be part of the solution

Droughts and forest fires in Southern Oregon threaten our ability to farm, log, ski and enjoy our waterways. Reliable science has predicted this because of climate change caused by our use of fossil fuels. We all contribute to it by our consumption of cheap goods and fuel.

The good news is we can fix it, but we must immediately stop new production and use of fossil fuels and turn to alternative green energy sources. New jobs will come with it. That is why many of us actively oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Pacific Connector Natural Gas Pipeline proposed between the Klamath Basin and Coos Bay for export to Asia. Both pipelines would originate in Canada. They profit and we pay for their mess.

Running a leak-prone pipeline 232 miles through 400 of our waterways courts disaster. The recent oil leak on the Yellowstone River is an example of the thousands of serious mishaps caused by these pipelines. It is not worth the risk for a few temporary jobs.

What are you willing to give up for future generations? Consume less and demand that our politicians resist climate change deniers in Washington who cater to big corporation profits.

Diana O'Farrell, Ashland

Gun checks violate rights

I as well as many other firearm enthusiasts know that the background checks that are already run through federal and state governments are already going against our constitutional rights, but we as legitimate persons realize this is the only way to purchase unless we choose to go to a personal party to purchase a firearm.

Many people will not purchase firearms through storefronts for fear of our government agencies turning into Europe and confiscating all firearms and making them illegal to own. This group is pushing their unwanted agenda on all, not just the people that they believe shouldn't own firearms.

Having such a law In Oregon will only make people want to go on the black market to purchase. This is a very bad idea for Oregon and all who wish for the government to stay out of their business.

Chris Casey, Medford

Connect the dots

The Mail Tribune opinion piece of Jan. 27 reminds us that a great shakeup in the form of a large earthquake is overdue in Jackson County. Sadly, this risk does not seem to figure into the analysis of risks in the Jordan Cove Energy Project. Let’s connect the dots and ask for a long term risk/benefit analysis of this project!

I have been in the medical field for 37 years. When a new treatment or new drug comes on the market, it is tested before approval. After-market research is done to monitor the risk/benefit profile of the treatment or drug. Sadly, many times the risks outweigh the benefits long-term, and the treatment or drug is withdrawn.

In the case of energy projects, it appears that no one is even looking at the long-term risks of something as important as the Jordan Cove LNG Project. This project will involve a 230-mile gas pipeline right through Jackson County, crossing 400 waterways, which would significantly harm fish habitat during installation, and sustain much more damage long-term should that earthquake come near this pipeline. Not to mention: pipes leak, break, and gas explodes.

Susan Bizeau, Talent

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 30