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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 12

Now are you ready?

Imagine my surprise this morning (Feb. 9), when I opened the paper and discovered the opinion column I wrote a couple of months ago about my husband's struggle with emphysema. How ironic that it was printed on this particular day. You see, this day would have been our 29th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, Jim lost his battle on Dec. 27.

Now are you ready to quit?

Noni McCrillis, Phoenix

Say no to LNG

As retirees, we chose Oregon because of its natural beauty, the desirable climate and the proximity to rugged Pacific coastline beaches.

We delight in the fresh bounty of local fish, seafood and farmers’ markets. We savor the clean water, parks, orchards, vineyards and cultural treasures of the Rogue Valley. We venture into the woods along our rivers and lakes for hikes and picnics.

We don’t want a giant industrial LNG pipeline invading our land and a huge industrial complex ruining our pristine coast at Coos Bay. We don’t want our rivers undermined, our forests cut down in wide swaths. We don’t want Oregon citizens made subject to the hazards of the ill-advised project.

It’s illegal to force landowners to surrender their land because of private business condemnation, which is inconsistent with public interest. We don’t want our green state despoiled by greed for foreign profits.

Don’t trick Oregonians with inflated promises of booming economic benefits and temporary jobs. We want better than that. Stand up to the proposed rape of Oregon land and resources by opportunists. Recognize our true resources — our land, mountains and coastline. Say no to the LNG pipeline project.

 Judith Corbin, Medford

Thanks to Cow Creek Foundation

Roots & Wings Community Preschool extends its gratitude to Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation for their contribution of $7,500 to provide preschool scholarships to low and moderate income families and families in crisis.

This grant will greatly impact our community outreach program to provide affordable early childhood education for under-served families with young children. As a community preschool it continues to be a privilege to serve a broad cross-section of our area, which would not be possible without the generosity of community partnerships.

Rebecca Tree, director, Roots & Wings Community Preschool

Bravo to foam ban

Bravo for St. Mary's and the city of Medford to take steps to curtail our use of polystyrene! Would that we could insist that all packaging materials be made of recyclable materials.

The immense amount of polystyrene in shipping is such a waste of our landfills. It's good to focus on food packaging, but it seems to me there is a much bigger problem in the general packaging industry.

It's interesting that basic Internet searches don't show much action in this area. Let's hopme there is a way to ban all polystyrene unless it is absolutely necessary for health/safety issues, and only if there is no environmentally clean alternative.

James Hutchinson, Ashland

Cheers to plastic foam ban

Cheers to the Medford City Council and St. Mary's student Sam Becker for passage of the ordinance banning polystyrene containers that clog landfills for eternity. Jeers to KFC and Jasper's cafe for opposing this needed measure.

I would much prefer paying slightly higher prices in restaurants to take food out in biodegradable containers that help preserve the environment for future generations. Let us hope that Mr. Becker is successful in enlisting the aid of Senator Bates in taking his campaign to the state level.

Mike Mace, Medford

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 12