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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 24

A sad commentary

Leonard Pitts, in his column Feb. 18, tells an outrageous story about a conservative senator making bizarre claims concerning immunization, on a talk show — supposedly.

Then, he goes on to say it was actually a hoax, but could have been true.

Really? It's just more of a slightly different liberal method of perpetuating lies by repeating them over and over again.

For instance, the tired mantra of "Bush lied and people died." The New York Times reported on Oct. 6, 2014, "about 5,000 chemical warheads, shells, or aviation bombs" were found scattered across Iraqi soil.

That same newspaper reported on Feb. 16 that the CIA repeatedly purchased as many as 400 nerve agent rockets during the Iraq war, some purported to be sarin gas, one of the world's deadliest toxins, which can kill within 10 minutes of inhalation. It was part of a program to take the weapons off of the black market.

Yes, Mr. Pitts, a sad commentary indeed, at least on some of us.

Rick Nelson, Medford

Food project success

A hearty thank you to the wonderful Food Project volunteers who filled their Green Bags with food on Saturday, Feb. 14, and made our bi-monthly pickup a phenomenal success. We collected more than 65,000 pounds for hungry neighbors in Jackson County — the equivalent of about 52,000 meals!

That included 28,500 pounds collected by the Medford Food Project (Medford, Central Point and Jacksonville); 24,500 pounds by the Ashland Food Project; 2,870 pounds by the Talent Food Project; 3,750 pounds by the Phoenix Food Project, and 5,300 pounds by the Eagle Point Food Project. This is an amazing example of what communities can do when we work together to make life better for all.

Our next food pickup is April 11. We invite everyone to join us. To get your Green Bag, go to neighborhoodfoodproject.com, and sign up with your local Food Project. They'll take it from there.

John Javna, Ashland

Brown should appoint Republicans

The proof is always in the behavior: If Governor Brown truly values Oregon as highly as she says, she will appoint a sprinkling of responsible and pragmatic Republicans to posts in her administration. First, I would suggest she appoint someone like Dennis Richardson to the post she has just vacated. Such balance will help to keep government honest.

However, if she appoints only Democrats we will all know that she values her party above Oregon, and our partisan politics will be in pursuit of the likes of Detroit or Washington, D.C.

Jack Benedict, Central Point

Educate, don't gamble

It's a fact that Native American youths have high suicide and addiction rates.

May I suggest a "Plan B": It could be to build a facility that would provide progressive, educational, vocational and mental health services for Native American youths. This would instill hope and pride. The tribes could work together to engage their youths to be involved in this plan. Why war between tribes to promote more brainless gambling?

It would be refreshing and important to witness Mr. Speaks and the Native American delegations join the 21st century and provide their youths with more opportunities; to be involved with goals of working their waay towards higher education and a secure future. The monthly checks, although well deserved, are not and will not accomplish this.

We all hope to influence our children and their children to be contributing adults.

What's more important than our youths; our legacies?

Barbara Mercer, Medford

Not the answer

Oregon's low-carbon fuel standard is not the answer.

Please urge your representatives to ponder this when considering the low-carbon fuel standard.

The United States produces 16 percent of the world's CO2 emissions. Of that 16 percent, Oregon produces 1 percent. This means Oregon's share of world CO2 emissions is 0.16 percent. Even if Oregon cut its emissions to zero, it would only impact total world emissions by 16 parts in 10,000.

How much would you spend on a diet pill that would reduce your weight from 150 pounds to 149 pounds, 12 ounces? Surely we can find more effective ways to deal with climate change.

S. Algeo, Medford

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 24