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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 28

Don't listen to GOP

I heard a news anchor speak of President George W. Bush as not popular at the end of his terms. Seriously? During Bush's terms, citizens were sacrificed in stupid wars, the financial industry was deregulated, the economy was driven into a deep recession and federal spending rose as never before. He wasn't just unpopular, he was a disaster!

I hope the public has learned not to listen to the rants of Republicans who serve the corporations that profit from war. I hope we have learned to actually watch what the Republicans do when they get into power. Find a website that tells you what the Republican Congress is doing. It will not be in your interest.

The Republicans changed rules in Congress so the committee chairmen are appointed by party leaders, and not earned by being the senior member. Congressional committees' support staff was chopped because none of the Republicans needed actual information given to the committees. Uninformed voters are not aware of the rule-making changes instituted by the Republicans so the party leaders can keep Republicans in lockstep and give Jon Stewart something to make fun of. Be informed.

Dawn Sinnott, Medford

A waste of money

Never before have I been embarrassed to be a Republican, but I share a party with all of our Jackson County commissioners, and they are bringing shame on the GOP by wasting the people's money on a special election for a single issue.

Even if it passes, it will likely be overturned as unconstitutional, since the plain language of Measure 91 specifically forbids such taxation. What a profligate waste of our money!

Jim Andrews, Medford

Why waste money?

Following is the exact wording of of Section 42 of Measure 91 which was passed by the voters during the last election. The wording is completely unambiguous. My question is, why is the county wasting a reported $100,000 dollars of taxpayers' money by holding a special election for the sole purpose of trying to thwart the will of the people of Jackson County?

"SECTION 42. State has exclusive right to tax marijuana. No county or city of this state shall impose any fee or tax, including occupation taxes, privilege taxes and inspection fees, in connection with the purchase, sale, production, processing, transportation, and delivery of marijuana items."

Glenn McKinney, Medford

Vote no on tax

I urge the voters of Jackson County to vote no on 15-133, the measure to create taxes on marijuana.

Last fall, the voters approved Measure 91. In the measure was a section that states that no political entity other than the state can levy a tax on marijuana. Now, counties and towns, some of which voted to allow medical marijuana and some to keep marijuana out, are tripping over each other to vote a tax in.

Jackson County is one of the naysayers to medical marijuana and yet the commissioners want to create a tax structure. They are wrong on all counts about this. Taxes won't be grandfathered in, and local bans will be overturned.

Still, since the tax is on the ballot, we must send it down to defeat. Don't depend on the measure losing because it's a tax measure. Vote no on 15-133 and mail your ballot in.

Steven Schulman, Phoenix

Column was insulting

Patricia Forde's "Columnist for a Day" (Sunday, Feb. 22) was insulting and mean-spirited.

I usually enjoy reading this section, as I've gleaned valuable information about the Greensprings restaurant, hikes and trips people have experienced, etc. Most of the columns have offered up factual information with a bit of opinion, rather than insensitive name-calling and assumptions as exhibited in Ms. Forde's vent (her word).

I'm sure the MT can find people interested in sharing their views without being insensitive and rude. Words such as "stupid" (used twice), "simpleton," "OCD complex," "sane," "insane," "Bozos," "ignorant" and "dumber than a bag of hammers" is the least effective way to get a point across.

I would suggest Ms. Forde drive a mile with someone else, and perhaps she might better understand their situation. Maybe they were on the way to hospital, or one of a host of other possibilities. If Ms. Forde is a Virgo, she can read that day's MT horoscope, which states, "Holding a grudge is negative and unproductive. It will cloud your judgment and stand between you and success ... ."

Gerry Paré, Talent

Warming, not freezing

Mr. Ron Smith, in a letter to the editor Thursday, Feb. 19, stated correctly that much of the East Coast is suffering record cold weather. While this is true in much of the U.S., it is not true of the world, hence the term, “global warming.”

The world is still warming at an alarming rate. As a matter of fact, 12 of the last 14 years have recorded record-high global temperatures. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (noaa.gov) and the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (nasa.gov) trace this increase well. Every decade since 1960 has been warmer than the last, and the last three decades have each been the warmest on record, an unusual large change in a relative short time.

Judson Hyatt, Medford

Read about climate

A writer to the Tribune recently insinuated that the freezing snap back east shows that global warming is a farce. Just as record-breaking warmth in the Rogue Valley this winter does not prove global warming, a cold snap back east does not mean an ice age is on the horizon.

Separate research by hundreds of scientists shows a sudden, constant warming of the planet during the industrial age in the 1700s. It is so obvious that the graph showing this upturn resembles a hockey stick.

I recommend a book by a prominent scientist about the battle being waged against global warming conclusions and the researchers themselves by (gosh what a surprise) the oil industry, "The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars" by Michael E. Mann. You can read a lot of the book by clicking on “Look Inside” at amazon.com

Sandra Baker, Medford

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 28