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Letters to the Editor, March 21

Remembering Frohnmayer

I met David Frohnmayer in the first grade at Roosevelt Elementary School. In the sixth grade we gave each other nicknames. His was "Hugo!" At Medford Junior High School, we were in a lot of activities and classes together. We graduated from Medford Senior High School class of '58.

He was named Outstanding Senior Boy and I was named Outstanding Senior Girl. I became an OSU Beaver — he became a Duck — but I continued to call him Hugo!

Nancy Adams Payton, Trail

What the heck?

To quote my grandson Jordan, "What the heck?"

Scientists, apparently, can't even definitively determine if eggs are good for us, or whether Pluto is a planet, yet carbon emissions are most certainly the cause of global warming, so it's OK to destroy an entire industry and its workers' livelihoods. Oh yeah, and consequently skyrocket energy prices.

Fox News Channel (which is not 24-hour news) is dangerous, but the Pravda-like network news channels go unchallenged.

One can favor persons such as Condi Rice, Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, and Colin Powell, but must be racist if they are sickened by the way Barack Obama is destroying America and acting unconstitutionally. Is he lying when on one hand he stated that he was going to fundamentally change America, but on the other hand stated that he is not much of an ideologue?

Most Muslims are peace-loving people. Most, if not all, Christians are hateful, and dangerous. God is out, Allah is in.

I'm sorry, Jordan, but it doesn't look like this country is going to get better for you.

Bob Calhoun, Eagle Point

Pot and the common man

Recently the Medford City Council debated Ballot Measure 91 and the impacts that the legalization of marijuana has on the general populace involving odors, marijuana dispensaries and the taxation of pot at every step of the supply chain.

So let me get this straight. We in Oregon have decided that pot should be legalized and not controlled and prescribed as a medical substance so that we can ingest it recreationally and be high as much as we want so that we either don't have to think or can't.

Then the city fathers have decided to tax it as much as possible even though only the state legally can, so that we can have more money for city coffers, thinking that less people will use the weed.

Then, because mary jane has a strong odor, local government will regulate it because the smell is offensive and we need government to stop that with "nasal rangers," a conelike contraption that will let us know where the legal stuff is.

If this reasoning of marijuana, government, taxes and nasal rangers is too complex, then I recommend you light up a legal weed and forget any human events that are bothersome. God bless America.

Joel Marks, Medford

Be more objective

I just find it hard to let another one of Andy Kerr's advertisements (guest opinion, March 15) go by without a comment.

When he uses the term "clearcutting" or "liquidation of old-growth forest" 11 times, I would suggest that does not help the divide between his radical environmentalism and what most of us think about our forests. The last time I looked, the forest looked pretty good.

Oh, and one other thing. Not everything was clearcut. That was for Douglas fir. The last time I looked that species was shade intolerant. As in, little ones don't grow under big ones. That's why they are clearcut. Well, that, and they often grow on steep mountainsides.

Mr. Kerr should try to be a little more objective next time. None of us like a hard sell approach that doesn't ring true.

As to the politicians, yes, they should get together and compromise so something gets done.

Glenn Miller, Central Point

End daylight time

I would like to take exception to your opinion on keeping daylight saving time.

As a working person who goes to work in the dark most of the year, I miss being able to watch the sun rise in the spring. Now it is only mid-summer that I can enjoy the sun as I go to work.

Daylight saving time means I go to work in the dark, and then I am left struggling trying to get to sleep at night when it is still daylight or resigning myself to sleep deprivation seven months of the year. There is no valid reason to have daylight saving time. It does not save on energy, as was the original plan, and has been shown to decrease productivity in the days following the clock change. There are more workplace accidents and automobile accidents following the clock change, as there are so many sleep-deprived people trying to keep up with the new schedule demanded of them.

Arizona does not recognize daylight saving time and it has not been a problem for them or the surrounding states that do business with them.

Elena Broadway, Medford

Helpful hint

After reading Mr. Carlton Goode's letter regarding locking his keys in his car, I was prompted to tell you of my experience.

I did the same thing and tried to call the number on my insurance card. Those are 800 numbers, and did not help locally in a timely manner.

I solved the problem by keeping the numbers of several local towing companies in my wallet. The tow truck appeared within a few minutes, got my car opened, took my insurance information and all was well. Just a little helpful hint from an 88-year-old long time driver.

Ruth Davis, Medford

Election result sad

I was extremely saddened to see the results of Israel's Knesset election. Now all we need is a Republican warmonger in the White House in 2016, and we can proceed on to World War III and kill thousands more women and children.

At least I can say, thank God for President Obama for opposing the status quo in regards to our usual kid-glove treatment of Israel. I don't care how many Jewish American citizens we have, we need to crack down on warmongers like Netanyahu who bite the hand that feeds them.

John Finch, Medford

Letters to the Editor, March 21