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Letters to the Editor, March 23

Times opinion absurd

The editorial column from the L.A. Times appearing in the March 17 MT is utterly absurd.

Police officers and civilians are wounded and killed every day by gunshots. And it's not "armor piercing" bullets that's doing it. Practically any caliber or bullet type has the potential to wound or kill someone.

This regulation, had it passed, would have done nothing to curb violence. That is why thousands of people, including congressmen and senators opposed it.

Richard Cody, Applegate

Thanks for support

We have an amazing village that supports our students time and time again.

Acknowledging the number of times businesses and individuals have donated to a project at our school this year would likely take the entire page. But I do want to give an extra nod of appreciation and thanks to the crew at Northwest Pizza and Pasta for hosting our fifth-grade class fundraiser last weekend. As always, you donated generously.

Thank you.

Mona McArdle, Bellview parent, Ashland

Rudeness abounds

Whatever happened to customer service? There are very few businesses anymore that treat their customers with respect. Their employees act like they are doing the customers a favor to help them, and I am tired of being treated like that.

I'm not alone, so that's why I'm writing this in hopes of an article on the subject. Something needs to be done. I think every time we customers are treated like a burden on the employee, just to help us and take our money, we need to get their name and go right to the store manager and report them. This is what I am going to do.

We work hard for our money. There are plenty of hardworking unemployed people who need a job. I'm sure these companies would like their employees to treat their customers better.

Lorraine Sacks, Medford

Letter was in error

In a previous letter to the editor, I chastised our present Jackson County commissioners for having the public vote on a county marijuana tax in March rather than a less-costly election. At the time that the letter was written, I did not know that the timing was determined by a prior board of commissioners by a 2-1 vote (with Commissioner John Rachor voting against the proposal).

I would like to offer a public apology to present commissioners Rick Dyer and Colleen Roberts, who not only had no input on the decision, but could not have changed the date under their tenure because of the timing of election law.

Dave Gilmour, former Jackson County commissioner, Central Point

Act now, not later

In response to V. Handel (March 18), the problem with not acting to prevent a problem with backyard pot growers is that it will become like the gang and drug problem we currently have. You have to act to prevent the problem, not try to close the door after the animals have gotten out.

When we moved here, 20 years ago, there was literally no gang problem and virtually little to no drug problem. Being from a heavily infested area, I felt an urgency that prevention should be started.

Unfortunately, most people were like V. Handel and believed that when there is no problem, no action needs to be taken. Where are we now?

Twenty years ago the crime column in the MT listed break-ins, burglaries, etc. Now it’s almost all, every day, drugs and gang problems. Action should have been taken to prevent this problem before it became the problem it is. The same with the backyard marijuana grows. Once the genie is out of the bottle you can’t put it back in.

P. Moran, Medford

Letters to the Editor, March 23