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Letters to the Editor, March 29

Gerson column golden

Michael Gerson's column on March 10, "Viewing Ferguson from Selma — and fixing it," is one of the finest I have ever read.

Two paragraphs stand out: "... there was a reason the civil rights movement set great store by well-crafted words: to reveal the routine cruelty of segregation and to place unfair suffering in the context of a story that gives it purpose. That story is perhaps the most extraordinary outside the Bible: a captive people, by their courage and persistent demands, eventually redeeming the democratic soul of the nation that enslaved them."

And the final words, "America has a vision of human dignity that stands in perpetual challenge to our fallen practice, leaving us always haunted and always hopeful." Words like these belong in our history books.

I read the editorial page every day. On March 10 I found gold on my doorstep.

Marcia Simon, Medford

Why all the fuss?

What’s all the fuss about marijuana? Could it be that if we peeled back the layers of objection, we would find the alcohol and tobacco lobbies fighting against being undercut by an equally desirable substance that can be grown at home for free?

Prohibition didn’t work in the 1920s, and it’s ridiculous now. Our attempt to tax it out of existence simply keeps the door open to the drug cartels.

People want it and voted to make it legal. The end.

Carol SeCoy, Medford

Letter was ironic

I couldn't believe Alice DiMicele's Tuesday, March 24 letter to the Tribune, "Who's handing out Bibles?" Her statement: "I personally believe that giving out Bibles is not at all in line with Jesus's teachings."

Really? How ironic indeed. Jesus said, "Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me." — John 5:39

Instead of pursuing this further, I urge Alice and others who question the validity of biblical Christianity to read online my Feb. 24 Ashland Daily Tidings letter, "Christianity's contributions."

To answer Alice's question, "Who's handing out Bibles?" The people distributing Bibles are the Gideons. The Gideons are a group of godly, devout Christians who care deeply about the souls, welfare and eternal destiny of people. Too, as I point out in my Feb. 24 Ashland Daily Tidings letter, it is biblical Christianity which historically has dignified, uplifted and honored women, improved civilization, and has advanced the good of the human race. Not only for women, but men also.

James Farmer, Ashland

Thanks to Walden

Thankfully we have Greg Walden standing up for freedom.

Walden is the only congressman from Oregon who is working to keep the Internet free and open. He’s spoken out against the FCC’s power grab, and is working hard to write a plan that protects Internet freedom without a heavy-handed government takeover.

Over the past two decades, the Internet has helped grow America’s economy and increase freedom around the world. Thank you, Greg Walden, for standing up for us and shame on the FCC for its Internet takeover.

Phyllis Fletcher, Eagle Point

Thrilled by ruling

I'm delighted to hear the Jackson County planning staff decided in favor of continued operations at Mountain View Paving. This was a family-run business that had the bad luck to have an "environmentalist" walk by their operations, and Rogue Advocates didn't like what they saw. They got the tenants of a nearby trailer park up in arms with tales of doom and destruction, and before you could say "pave my driveway," lawsuits were filed.

Environmentalists have evolved from people interested in doing good to litigating bullies with seemingly endless funds to file suit against anyone and anything they don't like.

Congressmen work for a couple of years trying to find a resolution to the logging quagmire, then the eco-bullies file a lawsuit. Try to clear the forests of dead timber that would fuel a forest fire, there's another lawsuit to stop that. Not sure about global warming? No room for debate, so that makes you a "climate denier." The whole movement has turned into bullies.

I'm thrilled that Mountain View Paving is going to be allowed to continue operations, and all because the paving company was deemed cleaner than the previous concrete enterprise located at that site. What poetic justice!

Ellie McKeon, Ashland

Letters to the Editor, March 29