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Letters to the Editor, March 30

It's the Gideons

Regarding Alice DiMicele's letter March 24, I think she must not be aware of the Gideon Society. Those dear folks are the people she saw handing out "those little books."

Any student is allowed to refuse the testament. They are not forced on anyone. A member of the Gideon Society recently spoke at my church, and they are involved in far more than handing out little books. May I suggest she check out who the Gideons are.

Mary Lewis,


Transit is vital

Public transit is a vital component of transportation and the economy in Jackson County. In the last year, more than a million people rode the buses, plus over 50,000 people used Valley Lift for special transportation.

I am running for a seat on the board of the Rogue Valley Transportation District because I have hope and confidence in the voters next time we are on the ballot. 

Mary Wooding,


Don't cut Medicare Advantage

Many seniors living in Ashland rely on the benefits that Medicare Advantage provides. That's why we need our officials in Washington, D.C., to fight against any proposed cuts that will threaten this program.

As a senior living on a fixed income, it would be nearly impossible for me to pay more for my health insurance benefits. Today, my out-of-pocket expenses are not manageable, and there is no flexibility in my budget. If I had to pay more for my premiums, co-pays for doctors' visits and prescriptions, it would be devastating. And I'm not alone. Medicare Advantage helps mitigate the high cost of health care. If benefits are cut, other Oregon seniors will be in the same predicament.

I have worked hard my whole life. The most frustrating thing about learning of even deeper cuts to Medicare Advantage is that it says, to me, that seniors are useless — and we're not.

Life is all about helping each other out, and we need officials in Washington to help us by being our voice on a matter as important as this. It is important that they stand against any proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage so that we can stay healthy and strong.

Bill Knight,


Thanks to new sheriff

Thank you to Sheriff Corey Falls and the Jackson County Sheriff's Department for their efforts. Under the new stead and leadership of Sheriff Falls, our community has been greatly encouraged and uplifted.

As we approach the seven-year mark of the murder of David Lewis (the case is still open and not yet prosecuted) we would like to thank all those involved, but especially Sheriff Falls. He has shown compassion, consideration and professionalism regarding the handling of Dave's case. He has taken the time and effort to communicate with multiple members of Dave's family, informed us as best as possible given the confines in which he works, answered our questions and respected our concerns.

We don't expect miracles, and realize the daunting task of dealing with such a horrid, violent homicide. We have faith in Sheriff Falls' policies, restructuring of the department, and transparency. His judgment goes above and beyond.

The detectives working the case continue diligently and we rest assured that the case is not closed. All are deeply appreciated for their efforts. Jackson County law enforcement, overall, has a great sense of accomplishment and new pride. Sheriff Falls has restored the protect-and-serve mission statement. It is most welcome.

Linda Lewis,


Get it together

I'm very shocked that an area as large as Jackson County cannot make sure there is public transportation available to the public seven days a week.

I'm fortunate enough to have a car, but there are many people who depend on the bus system. And Saturday is a day when many working people have to run their errands.

Really, get it together and provide the necessary transportation for all the members of this community who need it. Find a way!

Leslee Freeman,


Just wondering

If OnTrack and its board of directors would spend more time on supervising their clinical staff and less time empire-building, I wonder if treatment outcomes would improve and they would see fewer lawsuits.

Chuck Brook,


Letters to the Editor, March 30