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Letters to the Editor, June 2

Will humans go extinct?

A drilling rig in Seattle is being outfitted to extract the ever-decreasing supply of the world's oil. There have been many such rigs in the past and there will be some in the near future. Meanwhile, gasoline-powered vehicles will continue to change our environment. (Climate change, MT, May 27).

One day the last gallon will be "harvested." Tar extracted from the oil will no longer be available to pave acreage needed to park vehicles as they exit the streets, highways and byways — fuel tanks empty.

The question must be asked: Is climate change irreversible? Or will the human consumers of Earth's resources become extinct? Given our ravenous appetite for just about everything, humans born today may be able to foresee the event but, alas, be unable to forestall it.

The remaining flora and fauna will thus thrive ad infinitum — gloriously — finally free of the voracious appetite of the human species for every consumable product in our fragile environment.

Raymond Steinbroner


Another winner

We read about lots of track stars and see their pictures in this paper. There is another winner your readers should know about. He is Jerry Su, clarinetist from South Medford High School, who won first place in the state music contest, sponsored by Oregon Music Educators Association.

Mr. Su, who performs with the Youth Symphony, will attend Indiana University this fall. Another star for the Rogue Valley!

Lynn and Doris Sjolund


Why would he lie?

Inconsistent with federal government reports in regard to America's gas supply and export to Asia, a Williams Pipeline spokesman told a group of conscientious Rotary Club members, "America has gas to spare."

Most freeborn gas (that which comes easily to the surface) in North America has been tapped out. Now in the process of wringing out the earth of its last big gasp of natural gas, we fracture deep strata to acquire it. Our nation's security and future depend upon this remaining supply. Managed properly, it could last Americans until we have developed an alternative means of powering our nation.

By retaining this resource we hold the hammer we need to rebuild our manufacturing base and pound down our enormous debt to Asia.

We must leverage this resource, not give it away to fuel Asian factories and make investors richer, while 99.9 percent of Americans get nothing except a Laurel and Hardy handshake.

This guy is telling you that there is nothing to worry about, the same guy who is paid per cubic foot of gas he can force through that pipe to Asia, whose corporation stands to make trillions of dollars off our nation's demise. Why would he lie?

Chris Mathas

Butte Falls

Letters to the Editor, June 2