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Letters to the Editor, June 3

Something we can do

Climate change can seem overwhelming; 'What can we do?' But there is something we can do: I'm writing in support of the recent guest opinion regarding HB 3470.

The Climate Stability and Justice Act is a good way for Oregon to help protect our future generations through reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2007 we've had an approved bill with great goals for reducing these emissions, and HB 3470 will help us reach them.

It's modeled after California's cap-and-trade legislation, which has reduced greenhouse gas emissions substantially, as have a group of eastern states organized as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. These states' economies have not been devastated as was feared, but instead are growing.

Green renewable energy jobs are our future. Please contact your legislators and the governor in support of HB 3470, the Climate Stability and Justice Act!

Susie Stevens-Briody


Support conservation fund

I want to thank Sen. Jeff Merkley for holding his town hall in Central Point this week. I am a small-business owner and farmer in the Applegate Valley. My family and I grow seeds, fruits and vegetables. We depend on the clean water and forest resiliency of public BLM lands, which surround our farm.

As Senator Merkley returns to Washington, D.C., I urge him to voice his support for fully funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). Since the 1960s, LWCF has invested $304 million in Oregon to expand public access to lakes and streams, build trails and local parks and conserve working forests. Every $1 invested from LWCF generates $4 in local revenue. Locally, the fund has worked with local non-governmental organizations and agencies to protect wonders including the Table Rocks, the Wild and Scenic Rogue River, Siskiyou National Forest, and Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.

There is bipartisan support for funding land and water conservation. Unfortunately, the LWCF is about to expire. We could lose an important tool for protecting access to public lands and creating parks in communities.

I urge Senator Merkley to ensure the LWCF will be fully funded and permanently reauthorized, before it expires this September.

Maud Powell, CSA coordinator, Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative


See Klamath film

“A River Between Us”, a film about the Klamath River Basin, was shown at the Ashland Independent Film Festival in April. This film should be mandatory viewing by all legislators and anyone having an issue that needs to be solved. It shows how two groups with widely different agendas can work together to solve a difficult problem, each side respecting the other.

Please take the time to go to the Varsity theater in Ashland to see this powerful film. And ask your legislator to go with you.

Jerry Kenefick


Keep standards high

We have turned the world upside down. Prohibited substances are now approved.

Can we sue the marijuana producers for our failing health or the accidents it causes? People are going "crazy" by taking things that kill their conscience. Suicide by cop, for instance, is one example

Where will this earth end up when the Christians disappear (the rapture)? God has been patient. There are many warnings but we must listen. God is good, but he will not allow sin to enter heaven.

In his letters to the churches, John the Revalator listed one faithful church (Revelation 3:10). The others were told, "Repent." We must keep our standards high.

Bud Larson


Letters to the Editor, June 3