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Letters to the Editor, June 7

Kiwanis cancels car wash

For the past several years, the Ashland Kiwanis Club has scheduled a car wash fundraiser in the spring to help raise funds for our many youth programs. This year’s car wash has been canceled. In light of the ongoing drought and water conservation measures in Southern Oregon, we have decided that it would not be appropriate to have a car wash when water is scarce and should be used for more important purposes.

The money from these fund raisers helps to support many youth programs. In lieu of this year’s car wash, if you would like to donate money to the Kiwanis club, please visit our website at ashlandkiwanis.org/, and click on “Foundation” located on the left side of the screen. We would greatly appreciate your support!

To learn more about Kiwanis, call Ron at (541)488-0532.

Ron Parker

Ashland Kiwanis Club

Paying my way

As a PERS retiree, I am not aware of anyone who is having their health insurance paid by someone else. I am aware of many widows and widowers who have their insurance premiums held out of the PERS checks and their Social Security.

This year my drug and premium costs are $700 a month. Since every penny of retirement income is taxable, we are the taxpayers that you talk about carrying the burden.

When I was working I had 5 percent held out of my income, no matter how low it was. I doubt that many who are still working would mind having something deducted if things were handled more prudently.

Janice Anders


Thanks for support

Thank you to the following restaurants who provided delicious hors d'oeuvres for the Medford/Alba Sister City's 3rd annual "Taste of Alba": Bohemian Club, Capers, Elements, Habaneros, Larks, Misoyo Bistro, Paisans, Porters, and Soo Rah. And, thank you to the patrons who supported our wine walk. We plan on using the revenue generated from this event to cover entertainment costs when the Italian students from Alba visit us in the fall.

Mary Jo Follett

Medford/Alba board member

Memorial parking issues

Regarding the letter on May 31 with concerns as to why a 500-foot war memorial would not be a good fit for Don Jones Park in Central Point, Mr. Harrison had some very valid points as to why another memorial would not suit this particular park.

I would only have added one more thing to the article: Where are all the people going to park who may come to the Memorial? If a second memorial is allowed in a relatively small park, where is all the available parking going to be found for a park that is already being used as a popular water park, with picnics and birthday parties in the gazebos, a double tennis court area, as well as a grassy area that is being used as a multi-purpose area?

The parking lot is not very large. It just doesn't seem to be well thought out in regards to what the park is currently being used for.

L. Borum

Central Point

Restaurant memory

I moved to Jacksonville in 1972. After reading the story that Marie Callender's used to be the Wild Plum 20 years ago, it got me thinking about how many restaurants have come and gone over the years.

While a junior in high school, I worked as a bus boy on Sirloins on Stevens Street. One early evening a couple came in and got a table. The girls that worked there told me the guy was Ron Howard, and asked me to go find out for sure.

So first I looked out in the parking lot, and sure enough there was a yellow VW bug with camping gear strapped to the roof and Hollywood, Calif. plates. So I went up to him at their table and said, "Excuse me, but you used to be Opie, didn't you?"

I think he said, "Yeah." And that was it.

Steve Earl



Letters to the Editor, June 7