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Letters to the Editor, June 16

What about other farmers?

Please explain why Our Family Farms Coalition's farming rights supersede other family farmers' rights to make a living.

The GMO ban protects only some family "farms," while it allows the devastation of others. This ban was badly written and poorly researched. Apprently, non-OFFC family farmers are just collateral damage.

The OFFC would have you believe that if you're not with their organic agenda, then you're a huge agribusiness funded by chemical companies. What?

The government allows for some accidental cross-pollination, and will still certify those crops organic.

How many of the 66 percent have ever made their living farming? What percentage are farming illiterate, took what OFFC told them as fact, and therefore voted yes?

The Schulz family have been farming in Sams Valley proper for over 100 years, and the Frink family in Beagle for three generations. Neither family intended for their neighbors in Ashland and surrounds to be affected by any trespassing, pesky "poisonous pollen" pollution.

It's my understanding that two of the protagonists have been in our valley a total of 14 years. Isn't that like buying a house next to an orchard, then halting the accepted orchard operations?

Kristin (Weber) Schulz


Bakery needs clean water

We own Rise Up! Artisan Breads, a small bakery in the Applegate Valley. We rely on clean water from Yale Creek for our bakery and family gardens. Our bakery specializes in breads baked from local organic grain that we source from farmers in the Rogue Valley. Many of the famers we work with grow their whole wheat, rye and teff flours with water from our public forests.

We are very concerned that the Bureau of Land Management's proposed alternatives for the Resource Management Plan threatens that clean water with increased logging in streamside forests. Riverside logging would directly impact the water quality that we depend on.

We urge the BLM to consider the true value of clean water to all the farms and businesses like ours that are contributing to a sustainable economy. Please protect streamside forests from increased logging.

Jo Ferneau and Rosie Demmin

Applegate Valley

Mary Jane and me

Here I was, 80 years old, suffering from chronic pain. After awhile, prescription drugs just don't cut the mustard. I thought I'd try medical marijuana; I was eligible. Got my card, grower, caregiver — all legit.

Number 1, I quit smoking 50 years ago, and I knew I wasn't going to suck anything else in my lungs. Number 2, the stuff smells like skunk. I thought I'd try making brownies. Got a couple buds, cooked me up some butter and made brownies. Took me a couple of bites, and spit it out; it tasted as bad as it smells. Not for me.

People of Medford, if at night or day you think a skunk crossed your yard, it's probably a neighbor growing a little Mary Jane in their garden. Don't let Medford smell skunky.

Donna Lehnhardt 


Grads deserved better photo

Was the photo of the student that the paper chose for the Sunday, June 14, cover of the local section meant to further erode our traditional values and institutions of higher learning?

The unnamed student that the paper chose to represent the graduating class of Southern Oregon University was portrayed shouting to the crowd with his fist in the air as he walked across the podium to receive his diploma. The bearded, long-haired graduate with his clown-like outfit, bare legs, sockless feet in tennis shoes, collarless shirt and mardi gras decorated mortarboard demeaned his graduating class and disrespected the occasion.

I am sure your photographer could have found a better representation of the class of 2015.

 Dennis Godfrey

 Eagle Point

Letters to the Editor, June 16