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Letters: We've all been splat on

We've all been splat on

The ghost town of Buncom had their annual celebration a couple weeks ago.

A contest called the "Chicken Splat" is always held. The contestants were to decide where the chicken was going to splat.

Since the legalization of marijuana in our beautiful state, I believe the whole of Oregon has been splat on.

Ella Cross


Understanding graduation rates

There have been numerous discussions in the recent news over graduation rates and the poor national ranking of Oregon schools.

Graduation rates are a major factor when ranking each state. It is important that parents and taxpayers in each school community have accurate information about their schools. This will help in the process of tracking improvements or declines in each district and in finding solutions to improve graduation rates.

Here are the true Eagle Point graduation rates data from the Oregon Department of Education website:

Eagle Point High School(s), including alternative schools, by percentage: 2013-14, 56.1; 2012-13, 62.18; 2011-12, 60.06; 2010-11, 60.86; 2009-10, 58.04.

Eagle Point High School only: 2013-14, 73.1; 2012-13, 80.8; 2011-12, 73.75; 2010-11, 71.58; 2009-10, 73.49; 2008-09, 75.1.

ODE provides two graduation rates for every school district in Oregon. The most accurate rate includes all high school students from the main traditional high school(s) and from alternative schools or any other non-traditional district education programs.

Some school districts move students to alternative schools to inflate graduation numbers at their main high school. Transparent school districts report both graduation rates. Check your district’s graduation rates, test scores, etc. on the ODE website.

Jim Mannenbach

Eagle Point

Preventing tyranny

June 15, 2015 marks the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, although few seem to know much about it or the pivotal changes it made for the common man.

It was an important document because it recognized the natural rights of human beings over the arbitrary exercise of power through force by a tyrant, King John. It protected personal human liberties over those of the king. It limited the powers of the king thereby letting citizens exercise their natural rights.

Our Constitution is the product of the great thinkers and writers of the Enlightenment. Its crafters, among the most knowledgeable and literate humans to ever walk the earth, knew human nature and natural law. They produced a document that severely limited the power of the central government and brought a balance of power among the three branches, believing each branch would guard its power. This was a way of preventing tyranny by government.

Yet, we have "critical thinkers" like Ms. Arvette, who fool themselves into believing they have better ideas of government than those enshrined in the Constitution. They want more government and less individual freedom. These goals always fail because they run counter to natural law and human nature.

Dennis Sinclair


Letters: We've all been splat on