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Letters to the Editor, June 21

Best Independence Day

On July 1, I'll be able to smoke marijuana legally. I won that right by doing my patriotic duty and voting.

That's how it's done. Win or lose — something that my City Council, county commissioners and other officials must try to understand. I am not an enemy any longer. I'm a lifetime resident of the valley. Born and bred. Together we can make this happen in a pleasant way, if they allow it.

For one, I'm very sympathetic with the people who don't like odors that they feel are offensive. I dislike the smell of mowed grass or alfalfa. They send me to the medicine cabinet for my asthma inhaler. Scum ponds behind lumber mills. Pets' litter boxes dumped in the alleys. Diesel smoke from the freeway. Etc.

If my Medford City Council is really concerned about smells, then I suggest taking a trip to the new bottle return place off Rossanley. Now that's a smell you won't forget soon.

It's going to be a blast on the Fourth of July. Enjoy it, my friends, you truly deserve it.

Bill Barber Sr.


It's about chemicals

Responding to the letter regarding Our Family Farms Coalition and their "agenda": I am not a farmer, she is correct, and yes, I do live in Ashland. OFFC's "agenda" is not about "organic," and Ashland has a higher number of college-educated folks who actually vote, so I guess that makes us the writer's targeted "neighbor?"

If I were a farmer, instead of a nurse and mother of a childhood cancer survivor, then I would get off the Monsanto payroll by going conventional. When time off chemicals permitted, I would become organically certified to make bank! If she is a farmer she must be aware of the demand and lack of supply for conventional, non-GMO (and I did not say organic) feed. As I understand it, it is being sourced from other countries to meet the demand. In the big picture this is about clean food, water and soil that isn’t being dosed with herbicides and pesticides so children like mine have a chance.

We are bombarded with chemicals, and thus far GMO crops are chemical soup experiments, not yielding more nor feeding the world. Since we have no labels, we have to trust farmers to do the right thing.

Cheryl Levie,


Just the facts

I totally agree with Kristin Schulz's letter regarding the GMO issue. She puts the whole thing in the proper perspective.

It's nice to have someone present the facts as they really are.

Richard Cody


Vote yes on casino

As I drive down Highway 99 daily, I see what used to be Kim's Restaurant. It's nothing but an empty, dirty, large lot with trash blowing around it. All the people in government and people in Medford who are against the casino enjoy looking at this mess.

We should put the casino idea to Medford voters. The attractive casino, which will employ hundreds of construction jobs as well as permanent employees, will boost our struggling economy. If people with disposable income want to spend their money in hopes of winning a jackpot — let them. We have Purple Parrots, don't we? It only makes dollars and sense to support the casino.

I will go and spend $20 a month. You may say I'm wasting my money, and it makes no sense. Well, I'm not wasting it on William Shakespeare, am I?

Scott Morgan


Letters to the Editor, June 21