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Letters to the Editor, July 25

Deal breaker

Recently I heard a radio commercial that was telling all the wonderful economic advantages we would get from the LNG pipeline. They stated that the pipeline would provide additional natural gas for local industries and potential additional industries might locate here.

This is a totally different story than the application to FERC that states that all the gas would go to export. The radio commercial also states that it would provide many good paying jobs. After the pipeline is completed, how many jobs could it be? How many jobs for local people?

A foreign company can take our property using eminent domain and now they tell us another big lie. They can take your land to line the pockets of a foreign company. Even more troubling is that some of our politicians are actually in favor of the pipeline. That isn’t just disappointing, it is a deal breaker.

Tom Collett

Gold Hill

Not drones

Regarding the Sunday "The Drone Age?" article on the front page, contrary to what was continually referred to as drones, the small machines are classified and called "unmanned aerial systems" (UAS) or "unmanned aerial vehicles" (UAV) by the FAA and by the operators of such equipment.

"Drones" are typically what the military and other government agencies use and often times carry weapons. Big difference. The word "drones" typically have been viewed as a negative connotation by the general public.

Also, the article has a highlighted section titled "Rules regarding drones for hobbyists" and lists six bullet points. Although they may be safe actions to utilize, according to the FAA, those are not "rules." They are "suggestions." Other words used by the FAA for those six items include: "encouraged," "advisory," "recommendations" and  "interpretations."

Gary Edwards


Flags honor victims

As you know, the Kiwanis Club of Ashland sponsors a flag program each year whereby American flags are placed on 10 national holidays at many business locations throughout Ashland. On occasion, we will also place flags on other days in recognition of noteworthy events.

One such occasion was Thursday, July 16, when five of our servicemen were killed by a gunman. These five (four Marines and one Navy petty officer) were needlessly gunned down in Chattanooga, Tenn., at a military recruiting office and at a Navy-Marine operations center.

On Sunday, July 19, Ashland Kiwanis placed 58 flags along Siskiyou Boulevard to honor the slain servicemen. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families.

Questions about Ashland Kiwanis? Call Ron at (541)488-0532, or visit our website at ashlandklwanis.org/.

Ron Parker

Ashland Kiwanis Club

We deserve more

Sunday I attended a public meeting with Sen. Ron Wyden. I was impressed by the example of how a democracy should work.

A well-informed audience voiced concerns about the LNG pipeline and the TPP trade agreement. Senator Wyden tried to convince us he was protecting our interests; but I don't think he was successful. Global warning is a threat that cannot be ignored without serious consequences. The LNG pipeline is a horrible idea. If we can't offer the people of Coos Bay and Southern Oregon a better way for stimulating the economy, we are in real trouble.

The TPP, formulated in secret , available to members of Congress in a basement room where copies or notes weren't allowed out and described as "NAFTA on steroids" is about benefiting the corporate global economy, not Americans.

Senator, you do a lot for us; but we expect and deserve more.

Barry Peckham


Eliminate I&M

I really think that it is time to eliminate the burdensome and costly "Inspection & Maintenance" program that we have to undergo here in the Rogue Valley for our vehicles.

Before the hysterical global warming crowd comes over to burn my house down (and create more pollution,) I must add that the cars of the last 20 years just normally don't fail the test. The massive overall cost to vehicle owners is simply not desirable due to the small number of vehicles that fail the test.

Anyway, after a vehicle is about 20-some years old, it doesn't even have to be tested. And that is when the vehicle would probably start polluting. The whole program is backwards!

If you agree with me, please contact your policy representatives and tell them, as I am, that this program is no longer needed. All it does is suck a lot of money out of our pocketbooks!!!

Gerald Block


Letters to the Editor, July 25