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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 12

What Trump said

Here's a supposed Donald Trump quote from a Mr. Bob Warren in your paper on Sunday, Sept. 6: "Mexicans are raping our women and taking jobs from Americans".

I have had letters rejected by the editors of this paper because of inaccuracies, but apparently if it fits your liberal agenda, it's OK. What Trump said, according to CNN is, "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems. They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they're telling us what we're getting."

That's a little different and this is exactly the kind of stuff that Trump complained about concerning the media and part of the reason he's leading in the polls. I'm not a big Trump supporter, but I admire his tendency to say exactly what he's thinking without changing it just to be politically correct. I'm more a Ted Cruz or Ben Carson guy, but if you're going to slam someone, be accurate!

Rick Nelson


Free TV and movies

Consider discontinuing cable and satellite TV for free movies and TV programs.

If you have high-speed Internet at the speed that Charter offers, you can see thousands of TV programs and movies without the buffering with slower speeds. Best viewing can be seen by connecting your computer to a “Smart TV” by a HDMI cable.

I like viewing programs and movies when I want without being tied to a schedule. I can pause the programs anytime and have no commercials or short ones. Using All My Faves as my homepage, I can select from hundreds of websites, YouTube being my favorite.

Another way to avoid the monthly costs is to connect your present cables to an outdoor antenna or by placing an 8-inch square Clear TV to your window. They are available at Rite Aid, for example, for about $15. Each type of antenna will usually get about 14 local channels, including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and other channels. Using your TV remote, you can select either TV (VGA/HDMI) or computer to watch whatever and whenever you choose. I like the freedom and free use for my entertainment and information. How about you?

Neil Stafford

Grants Pass

Train has left

I recently read the book, "The Creature from Jekyll Island" by Edward Griffin. This book is quite an eye-opener as it says some things that could easily happen in the near future.

Examples include the following: a New World Order (a one-world government); a world leader; the collapse of large industrialized corporations for ecological reasons (coal-fired energy); population control and reduction through eugenics; controlling what constitutes money electronically; regulating what farmers raise including sprays, seeds, water, etc.; and controlling what students learn such as Common Core. This is all being put together by the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission and the council on Foreign Relations. According to them, no one will own anything, everyone will own everything.

You may ask, when will this take place? The nations of the world are close to a huge financial collapse and out of the ashes will come the New World Order. George Soros has said, "The train has already left the station."

Gordon DeVos


What's the plan?

Ken Powell, CEO of General Mills, recently stated, “Global warming is being created by human activity and is threatening to disrupt global food supplies.”

Powell is not a politician or environmentalist; he is a practical businessman responsible for the well-being of a large organization. Powell is planning for General Mills  to try to deal with the effects of climate change and to do its part to reduce carbon usage. General Mills has adopted the Climate Declaration: “We cannot risk our kids’ futures on the false hope that the vast majority of scientists are wrong.”

What effects is climate change having in the Rogue Valley and what effects will it have? How can we deal with them? What are our Rogue Valley businesses and governments planning and what should they — and we individually — be doing?

Those questions essential to our children’s well-being will be dealt with in an important Rogue Basin Climate Summit presented by SOCAN at the Inn at the Commons in Medford Oct. 13-14 that all can attend. To register or for more information see socanclimatesummit.info/registration/.

David Beale


Don't believe Cheney

I, as a sane thinking human being, who listened to the countless lies about the reasons of going to war with Iraq in 2003 by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, do not put much credence on the reasons why this nation should not accept the deal with Iran to halt its nuclear program.

This nation should never forget that the George W. Bush administration is the direct cause of over 6,000 deaths of our active duty military and $3 trillion that this nation spent on a needless and unnecessary war with Iraq in 2003.

Lindsay Earl Paulk

White City

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 12