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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 15

A win-win

Wow, what a super surprise regarding the In-N-Out burger article. Currently we live in Northern California but plan to relocate to the Medford/Central Point area before the end of the year. I read the Mail Tribune E-edition and was totally blown away when I saw these burgers we enjoy eating here will now be available up there.

Not only do they have great food but they treat they employees fairly. Medford has taken another positive forward step by adding to its variety of quality places to eat as well as In-N-Out has the foresight to open a restaurant in another great city. A win-win result for all.

Dan Swanson

Martinez, Calif.

Credibility lost

How very disappointing to learn that the board of governors of the nonprofit National Geographic have sold the magazine to Rupert Murdoch, who has made it into a for-profit business.

For me, National Geographic has now lost all credibility as a reliable source of valid information about our planet. I would rather have seen National Geographic go out of business entirely than contaminate itself by this action. Shame on the National Geographic Board of Governors.

James Fritz


Thanks to officers

On Sept. 1, 2015, an eighth police officer was killed in the line of duty in recent days and it struck me how many citizens of this great nation are turning against the nation's finest, the great and wonderful police, sheriff's deputies and state troopers that are patrolling the streets to protect us.

Having lived in the wonderful city of Central Point for the past 20-plus years I have gained many friends that serve our state and communities here in Southern Oregon. I'm honored to know these individuals and understand how they go out every single day making sure we are safe in the communities we live in, work in and travel in, sometimes without pure appreciation or respect for what they and their officers do to serve us.

From the bottom of my heart I don't think our officers are thanked enough for all that they do and I for one want to offer you a sincere thank you! I love Southern Oregon and it's the police, sheriff deputies and state troopers that make it that much more special to live in, work in and play in each and every day.

Kyle Jensen

Central Point

Why is it?

Imagine you’re in another city, have no car, you’ve just finished shopping and a downpour begins. You need a cab, and fortunately one appears.

You get in and begin to tell the cabbie where you want to go. The driver spots a bottle of wine sticking out of the top of your shopping bag and interrupts you, saying “Drinking alcohol is against my religious views. It would be an infringement of my freedom of religion to provide you with a ride and facilitate the drinking of that wine.”

Is this different than someone imposing her religious beliefs on a gay couple?

Why is it that throughout history, we’ve inflicted so much suffering on others in the name of religion?

Marylou Schnoes

Central Point

Thought police not alone

The thought police weren't satisfied with eliminating blackface from the Mummers Parade, or making it nearly impossible to obtain a swastika decal for a model airplane. They simply aimed at new targets.

Their recent victory over the Confederate flag didn't lower their temperature by a single degree. Now they're crusading against a bust of Margaret Sanger, a bust they say is "destroying America."

When that bust is gone, expect an all-out assault on Indian motifs. Fans of the Atlanta Braves, Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians can expect to take some heat.

If these people ever cool off, what will we be left with? While their passion still burns, they can find solace in knowing that they're not acting alone. ISIS is doing the same thing in Syria.

Ron Smith


Letters to the Editor, Sept. 15