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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 16

Get out burger

I am disgusted with local media for shamelessly promoting yet another fast-food joint in our valley.

Here we have contradictory back-to-back coverage on the front page and top stories on local TV news of the opening of yet another cheap burger joint in our community, followed by article after article covering the epidemic of obesity, heart disease, stroke and diabetes, all linked to consumption of fast foods loaded with fat, sugar and salt found in dairy products and red meat and pop.

Instead of promoting an out-of-state fast-food chain with thousands of dollars worth of advertising, why not spotlight locally owned and operated restaurants providing healthy, homemade food using ingredients bought and grown right here? Please support healthy eating and local businesses over chain fast foods selling heart attacks in a sack.

S. Mackler


Editorial inconsistent

Regarding your editorial of Sept. 11, I find it very inconsistent.

On the one hand, you admonish Judge Vance Day because he will "enforce only those parts of the law that he agrees with." And yet the state of Oregon is doing the same thing when it sanctions the cultivation and the recreational use of marijuana. This also is in violation of federal law. Sorry, but you can't have it both ways.

Richard Cody


Memorial is too large

Don Jones Park is not a large park; it is being treated like the Hawthorne or Bear Creek parks.

In Don Jones Park we have one smaller, tastefully done memorial dedicated to our veterans of many wars, but it does not automatically mean that a 500-fot Vietnam Wall memorial with grandstand seating is a perfect fit. It will be the predominant theme of the park, not the water park,picnic gazebo's,basketball and tennis courts, nor the walking paths or the grassy area that are used for families to relax and play in.

When a decision is being considered to alter a park to the extent that it will be, and carving out the back end of a residential subdivision for parking, it will cause a stream of unnecessary traffic through the entire Central Point East subdivision. Overflow traffic coming to the park for already multiple reasons will also be hunting for parking spaces from the current lot that now exists to park cars and unload for multiple activities, creating problem traffic flows in and out of the subdivision.

Size, location and use are important when considering this project.

Linda Borum

Central Point

More harm to business

The City of Medford is paying $25,000 to consultant Dan Brame, who recommends more one-hour parking in downtown Medford. For a couple hundred dollars, one can take a trip to Bend and see what a downtown with free two-hour parking looks like — bustling with people who are shopping, dining and enjoying their downtown.

Brame says that one-hour parking spaces will allow seven or more vehicles to cycle through a given parking space on a given day. What possible good would seven cars cycling through each parking space do for downtown Medford when their owners can’t stay long enough to enjoy a leisurely lunch, receive beauty services, or stroll through shops?

the Medford Parking Commission and Medford City Council need to stop killing our downtown by making it difficult for people to patronize our shops, restaurants, and salons, and thus enjoy our downtown!

Phyllis K Nelson


Letters to the Editor, Sept. 16