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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 21

Turkeys haven't left

In response to Ms. Mahanay and others interested: No worries, the turkeys were spotted Tuesday morning grazing on the football field at St. Mary’s School.

Steve Martinich

Central Point

Sink the pipeline

The 232-mile proposed natural gas pipeline through four counties continues to go through the permitting processes.

The 36-inch pipeline will have a capacity of 1 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day. The pipeline will cross over 400 watersheds, affect 700 landowners subject to eminent domain, tunnel under the Rogue, Klamath and Coos rivers, traverse the Stouts fire country and export Canadian and U.S. gas to Pacific Rim countries.

The mammoth Jordan Cove Energy Project at North Bend proposes to dredge a harbor for deep-water ships and build a 420-megawatt power plant to liquefy the natural gas for export. This plant will become Oregon’s second-largest polluter and is also located in a tsunami zone. The Pacific Connector Pipeline is vulnerable to earthquakes.

Oregonians must call upon our state elected officials, especially Gov. Kate Brown, to stand against these destructive projects. Governor Brown can stop this monster by supporting the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development in considering the damage and then denying the necessary permits. (Governor: 503-378-4582 or www.oregon.gov/gov/Pages/share-your-opinion.aspx)

There are countless reasons to sink this thing. It’s a bad deal for Oregon.

Bill Walsh

Eagle Point

Fossil fuels and tobacco

The parallel between fossil fuel corporate campaigns of climate denial and the tobacco industry campaign defending their lethal product and profits is public knowledge.

Tobacco’s own scientists were warning them of the health hazards decades before action was taken. But, intent at continuing the profits for executives and shareholders, tobacco corporations maintained their campaign of denial at the expense of millions of lives and considerable public suffering.

This extensive tobacco executive amoral behavior in the service of profits is astonishing. We now have more evidence of this tobacco/fossil fuel parallel.

Back in 1977, Exxon Chief Scientist James Black, speaking at an oil industry gathering, stated: “There is general scientific agreement that the most likely manner in which mankind is influencing the global climate is through carbon dioxide release from the burning of fossil fuels …" A year later, Black elaborated further on the consequences of doubling atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration as a global increase of 4-5 degrees Fahrenheit amid floods and droughts.

Arguing there is no global warming, or humans are not responsible, represents promoting the lies of fossil fuel corporations. We should all wise up and stop this madness, if not for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren.

Diana O'Farrell


Write to Walden

Residents of Southern Oregon have a unique opportunity to urge Rep. Greg Walden to join 11 of his Republican House colleagues and back the Gibson resolution to acknowledge threats of climate change.

Rep. Gibson’s resolution is critical to the future of things we in Southern Oregon hold dear. Walden provides staunch support for our rural farm and ranch economies, along with recognized foresight in preserving Oregon’s natural resources.

We’re all aware of weather extremes across the country and the planet. Extreme heat, extreme cold, flash floods from record rainfall and the relentless killers, protracted drought and monster firestorms.

Gibson’s resolution forms a nucleus of like minds seeking fairness for everyone. It will put pressure on presidential candidates to take a position, and will widen respect for our sacred land to all stripes of congressional leaders.

Please reach out to Walden; do it today. Urge him to take this important step. All of us need to do what’s in our power to stabilize our environment, before it spins out of control. Walden’s backing of the Gibson resolution will be significant and welcome.

Representative Walden’s address is 14 N. Central Ave. No. 112, Medford, OR 97501.

Lee Baldwin


Letters to the Editor, Sept. 21