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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 22

Alums cheer Tornado

If you attend the North Medford vs. South Eugene football game this Friday, Sept. 25, look up at section E on the home side. You will see a block of about 70 fans wearing red T-shirts with a Black Tornado on them. That’s not unusual for a North Medford game, since their colors are red and black.

These T-shirts, however, have “MHS Class 1960” on them in bold black letters. Yes, these fans are members of Medford High School’s Class of 1960 who are “kicking off” their 55th reunion by attending this game to once more cheer for the Black Tornado. Go, Medford.

Charlene Beaty


Masters of deceit

Gordon Devos's Saturday, Sept. 12 letter "Train has left" attempted to honestly expose what the establishment news media continually ignores, suppresses, censors and covers up.

The recent counterfeit Republican debates and future Democratic Party debates likewise remain collectively guilty of the same. Both Socialist Party A (Democrats) and Socialist Party B (Republicans) are master con artists of political deceit and subversion.

"Educational War Needed to Repeal 16th and 17th Amendments," by John Birch Society CEO Art Thompson at www.jbs.org. reveals who actually runs the show behind the scenes. Also, Bob Aldermann's "Tracking Freedom's Decline in America" Thursday, Sept. 17 via www.thenewamerican.com, reveals more. My own Monday, March 25, 2013 Mail Tribune letter on "Republics and democracies" revealed the sinister secret society at Yale in New Haven, Conn., aka "Order of Skull and Bones."

Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) once stated: "In politics nothing happens by accident. What happens is because it was planned that way." He was certainly in a high position to know.

Finally, "The Feds Abuse of Authority! Republicans & Democrats keep Letting it Happen!" can be accessed and read online at www.constitutionpartyoregon.net.

James A. Farmer


The life of a clown

Donald Trump has called for the expulsion of the 11-12 million people who are in the country illegally. This massive police action would be nearly 100 times greater than the internment of Japanese citizens during World War II. (Over 31,000 people would need to be deported, every day for a year, with one day off for Christmas).

How does this fit with the Republican mantra of limited government and fiscal responsibility? He also brags about how rich he is, how successful he is, how smart he is and the stupidity of others. Yet when asked for policy details, you don’t know what he will do, how it will work or how much it will cost.

And finally, I don’t recall Mr. Trump being associated with any endeavor, charity or public service that might show he is concerned with anything in the wide world besides his own personal wealth. It seems to me that with his riches, fame, and success in the business world, he might have added something to the greater public good.

For someone who wants to be president, he should be an inspiration, but instead, he has chosen the life of a clown.

David Eisenberg


Letters to the Editor, Sept. 22