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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 28

Man-caused or not?

Has the person who declares, "The science is settled; no more discussion tolerated!" already lost the argument because he effectively tries to shut down debate while signaling a weak or defenseless position? No intelligent fact-based dissension allowed in the brave new world of "climate change!"

Think about it! A reasonable person would think that the man-made climate change supporters would seize every opportunity to instruct us factually about the cause for alarm. Instead, we are referred to the findings of organizations whose data has been seriously discredited because of mixing actual data with proxy data. Of their previous predictions, 85 percent have failed to come true, yet we are assured this time the predictions are accurate.

Meanwhile, satellite temperature reporting of actual data, not influenced by buildings, pavement, etc., as opposed to computer proxy modeling, indicates no global warming for 19 years.

No one has come up with a scientifically valid definition of "greenhouse gases." The atmosphere does not act as the roof of a greenhouse keeping CO2 in.

Can CO2, composing less than 4 percent of the atmosphere, be the culprit and control knob for man-made climate change, while discounting natural occurrences such as forest fires and volcanoes?

Dennis V. Sinclair


Getting the DTs over D.T.

Should Donald Trump become president, he probably would, among his initial administrative duties, return the Statue of Liberty to France because he is opposed to he message on its pedestal, which says, in part:

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free." Also, "send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me ..." 

— Emma Lazarus, 1849-1887

Meanwhile, France (among many European nations) is responding to the needs of these refugees — the tired, poor, homeless and tempest-tossed — while Mr. Trump would prefer to erect a tall wall from San Diego, Calif., to Brownsville, Texas, at the cost of billions of dollars.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, the poor and tempest-tossed are building taller ladders.

Meanwhile, I get the DTs (delirium tremens) just thinking about D.T. being elected president of the U.S. In such an event, I will say adios and adieu.

Raymond Steinbroner


Call senators now

How could the U.S. Senate ever vote for a bill as bad as HR 1599, the DARK — Deny Americans the Right to Know — Act? Answer: Because your senator is being fed a steady diet of lies.

What the DARK Act actually does is pre-empt any attempt by the FDA or any other federal agency to require labels on GMO foods. In fact, the DARK Act pre-empts the FDA from even allowing voluntary labeling of GMO foods.

If you don't want your rights taken away from you and you want to know what is in the food you buy please call your senators now. This bill is days, maybe hours away from being voted on. Act now or lose your rights.

Linda Zigich


Another demagogue

Calling Donald Trump a clown is doing a real disservice to the true clowns, whose goals are to make people laugh and find some humor in their lives. Mr. Trump fits more in the egomaniac category.

If elected, would he really strive to make the United States of America a better nation? Not likely. I'm afraid he'd go down in history, assuming there's anything left of the world to have a history, as another demagogue of which the world has already had its share.

Mary Ann Johnson

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 28