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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 4

Use available resources

The plight of homeless refugees arriving on the shores and walking on the paths into so many nations in the world, weighs heavily on all of us. The economic capability and physical capacity of these receiving countries is strained. Yet, I feel part of the solution is staring us in the face.

All over our country, the empty buildings, abandoned factories, insolvent fair grounds, deserted neighborhoods, and shuttered schools could provide an opportunity to house scores of people. Moreover, many of these structures exist in communities desperate for revitalization. This refugee population, many with education and skills, could inject new life into these communities.

Clearly, the kinds of structures I mention are not now ready for habitation, but with a coordinated effort by local, state and federal government, the work could be done. We have mass unemployment. Why couldn’t we enlist that group, as a contemporary WPA, to restore and/or modify these vacant buildings, factories, fairgrounds, schools and homes into simple but comfortable accommodations?

As a leading country in the world, it’s time for us to think outside the box while applying what we know to the use of our readily available resources.

Perii Hauschild-Owen


Don't raid Social Security

I watched the interview Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley gave after covertly sneaking into the Senate chamber for a vote on the federal budget.

The news I'm reading is that the plan was to raid Social Security to pay for their excesses at the retiree's expense. They claimed Oregonians would support the bill. The contents of the bill, yes. Taking our retirement to fund it, no.

I would support term limits for these two. Pro politicians and lawyers gotta go!

Louis Baldovino

Eagle Point

St. Vincent de Paul says thanks

St. Vincent de Paul is extremely grateful to the many foundations which have been so generous this past year. Without their help we would not be able to reach the number of needy clients we do.

Recently we received $5,000 from Anna May Family Foundation and $15,000 from the Carrico Family Foundation for our rental assistance and utility assistance programs. These programs help needy families stay in their homes with their utilities on.

We received $1,000 from the Dwyer Charitable Trust and $5,000 from the Raymond Family Foundation to purchase food for our food pantry, and $5,000 from the West Family Foundation which will buy sleeping bags and tents for our homeless population. 

We are an all‐volunteer organization and welcome new volunteers in all areas of our work. Training is provided. Call 541‐772‐3828 and ask for the volunteer coordinator, ext. 7. 

Phyllis Douglas


Bottle center works well

I found the "Columnist for a Day" by Lester Melton to be humorous, but would like to say I found my experience redeeming cans and bottles at the BottleDrop center in Medford to be profitable, even factoring in gas!

It is a clean, well-run, friendly place, and whenever I am there, it is very busy. I see people coming in on bicycles, too, with their bounty. Redeeming works well as a fundraiser for Southern Oregon Humane Society, so check with your church or organization to see if they have a fundraiser.

You can set up an account enabling you to bag up the bottles and cans in the BottleDrop bags (5 cents each) and not have to feed them one by one in the machine. Either way, if you cash in your account balance at a participating store, such as Fred Meyer, you get 6 cents per can/bottle, not 5 cents, to be spent at the store. It adds up!

Also if you are a certain distance from the BottleDrop center, you can take bottles/cans to a store that sells them. They have to take up to 24 a day per person or some stores will accept more for redemption. Hope this gets more people interested!

Dottie Stewart

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 4