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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 9

Gun control fallacy

“Gun control works” by Michael Steely (Nov. 3) is misguided and erroneous. He speaks of mass murder and blames the lack of gun control, Republicans and the NRA. His bias has blinded him.

All these murders were committed by mentally ill subjects who slipped through the background check system. Guns used in all these killings were legally purchased, stolen or borrowed. Within hours of the tragedy, President Obama callously politicized the murders, urging more gun control.

Criminals intent on killing are not going to obey any law. More laws will not prevent violent criminals from getting guns illegally. Yes, laws are needed for a civilized society; however, only honest people will obey them.

Mr. Steely is wrong about Australia’s gun ban preventing violence. Current data shows that since Australia’s gun ban laws were implemented, violent assaults, robberies, rapes and murders have risen significantly due in part to the vulnerability of victims.

Regulations should require sharing mental health information with the National Background Check system. Tracking criminals should be a priority instead of accusing Republicans and the NRA for all the gun violence. We have thousands of federal and state gun laws. What is lacking is enforcement.

Rick Smith

Rogue River

Shirking responsibility

I want to call citizens' attention to the fact that our city's leaders will be allowing Rogue Disposal and Recycling to renege on their promise to provide free bags for leaf collection. Starting next year, it will be the citizens' responsibility to supply their own bags.

Since they are shirking their agreed-upon responsibility, perhaps we should go back to raking leaves into the street. How long will it be before we start being assessed a yearly fee for leaf pickup?

Lary P. Stieglitz


Another big box

It appears we will have another "big box" downtown to join the existing green box with prison windows that is the Human Services building. The police station will have wire mesh surrounding the outside of the structure to match the odd-looking Human Services building.

But wait! Now we have problems with the Sky Park project and they have yet to break ground. Hydraulic lifts to accommodate two vehicles under housing on stilts, are you kidding? It needs to be monitored 24 hours a day with surveillance of their spaces? How special. What other unforeseen problems will occur from this housing on stilts that's built on a parking lot?

It makes me wonder if too many projects are being done too fast. After concerns were expressed in this section about some of the choices downtown, someone said, "Medford is not known for its architecture." That's what I'm afraid of. I wish more thought went into the design of these large buildings that will be left for us to look at for many years to come. It doesn't interest my husband and me to go to a downtown that is looking more sterile all the time. Architecture does matter.

L. Decker

Central Point

Oppose Jordan Cove

Now that the president has finally driven a stake through the heart of the boondoggle Keystone, perhaps Gov. Brown will weigh in on the Keystone sibling known as Jordan Cove and go to work to get this monstrosity stopped.

Putting 400 waterways at risk, creating a 250-mile-long clearcut and installing a 36-inch potential bomb in that clearcut in order to further enrich a Canadian corporation just does not seem to best serve the people of Oregon. Please, contact Sen. Ron Wyden and Sen. Jeff Merkley and ask them to oppose Jordan Cove.

Ed Cooper

Gold Hill

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 9