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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 10

Keep it in the ground

Thanks to Sen. Jeff Merkley for introducing the Keep it in the Ground Act of 2015. I'll wager that the vast majority of the world's inhabitants and future generations thank him as well. I am deeply disappointed that he is simultaneously supporting the Jordan Cove LNG proposal, which would escalate fracking and build the largest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions in our great state of Oregon. Keep that gas in the ground, Senator.

Lesley Adams


What a treat

The day before Halloween I took a trip down memory lane and what a treat it was.

I drove Delta Waters with no flaggers, heavy equipment, lane changes and only one steel plate that could be driven around.

What a treat.

Dorothy Pittock


Support animal measure

Our neighbors in Washington just scored an unprecedented win for critically threatened animals. They have overwhelming approved I-1401, which prohibits the trade in parts and products of 10 highly trafficked animals. I-1401 sends a loud and clear message that Washingtonians do not condone wildlife poaching and trafficking.

A similar ballot measure has been proposed in our state by Save Endangered Animals Oregon. I will be adding my name to the signature drive and I urge your readers to do the same. I want my voice to be heard in November 2016. Oregon is a humane leader in the nation, and not a haven for trinkets, potions, and pelts of critically imperiled animals.

Deborah L. Catalina

Grants Pass

Jazz in the Rogue Valley

I enjoyed Peggy Dover's account (Southern Oregon Journal, Nov. 8) of her search for local jazz. I especially enjoyed her recognition of the musical performances of Ed Dunsavage and his trio.

She didn't mention Siskiyou Music Project, the organization headed by Mr. Dunsavage, which is the closest thing we have to a jazz club in this area. This organization presents talented jazz artists in performance in several venues locally. The organization emphasizes taking these artists and others into local schools to enhance music education and provide exposure to jazz to students throughout the Rogue Valley.

Roger Moore


Maybe next time

In reflecting on their trip to Cuba, I was pleased to see how much Ms. Navickas and her Pastors for Peace Delegation admired their medical system, their “care” for one another, and their aversion to “big corporations.”

The pastors also seemed all-in for lifting our embargo on that Communist nation. Apparently their itinerary did not include the political prisons. Maybe next time.

Hubert Smith



Because of an editing error, a letter in Sunday's paper headlined "Business waste is a threat" incorrectly said the U.S. uses 2 percent of the world's resources. The correct figure is 25 percent.

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 10