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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 11

Stop for crosswalks

On Monday, Nov. 9, I would have given anything to be able to follow and stop a car in Phoenix.\

I was stopped at the crosswalk at Main street and Bolz Road, waiting for a group of Phoenix High School students to cross the street. I was in the right lane and a shiny black car came speeding past me in the left lane and came very close to hitting the kids in the crosswalk. There are signs posted at this location that are very visible.

My mouth dropped open and also the kids' in the crosswalk. It had to be a miracle that he or she did not hit someone. They were going too fast for me to get a plate number.

Why are people in such a hurry? Wherever they were going would still be there. I am still driving at almost 89 and have yet to get a moving violation ticket. Wonder how many tickets that idiot driver has received?

Ruth Davis


Thanks for helping

To the man who was in the Ford Explorer license number 596 ESX:

Last Saturday you stopped near the intersection of Rossanley Drive and North Central Avenue to help an older man who was unable to get up after falling on the island in the middle of the road. My friend ran to help him because traffic kept driving by and he could have been hurt, but the two of you and another person helped the old guy to his feet.

Then you most kindly gave the man a ride to some place in town; my friend told me your son was driving and you were trying to teach him that it’s important to do good deeds for people at times.

Well, sir, for the compassionate gesture you made — lesson or not —– you should be thanked, and though you obviously did not do it for the recognition, you should know that both my friend and I appreciated what you did for that man.

Small, random acts of kindness are all too rare, and we hope that your example as a Good Samaritan impresses your son and inspires him to similar acts.

Martin Zottola

Grants Pass

Comments from the Mail Tribune Facebook page on our story about federal rules requiring the city of Medford to upgrade handicapped access ramps when streets are overlaid:

Brian Wasmund: I can understand making them upgrade to the new standards if work is being done to the sidewalk or ramp. But making the city tear up perfectly good ramps just because the design is outdated is ridiculous.

Michelle Blum Atkinson: Oh good! It is already hard enough getting around in a wheelchair (I know!). Having ramps is very necessary and kind. This is also nice for parents who have kids in a strollers.

Mark Stippich: Money well spent, I would say however, new ones where needed should be put in before the old ones are upgraded.

Krystle Bowen: Worthy of a big bill

Heather McNeill: Yippee!! This is a desperately needed measure.

Linda Goins: First smart idea I've heard in a while ...

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 11